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Stargazers 3: Wild by Anne Kane

Stargazers 3: Wild
by Anne Kane

cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-181-7
Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi
Series: Stargazers
Length: Novella


Unfairly indentured, Stargazer Anaya plans her escape carefully, stowing away in a ship belonging to the cynical bounty hunter, Ryland. She just needs to avoid detection until the ship docks at the next port of call.
When Ryland discovers the beauty, he assumes she's a runaway sex slave and offers her a choice: be returned to her master or stay and serve his every desire.


She sucked in a startled breath as she heard the sound of her captor's footsteps ringing out on the metal decking. It hadn't taken him long to finish his business. She schooled her features into what she hoped resembled a slave happy to yield to her master.

Submitting to his sexual appetites wouldn't be too difficult. She was a Stargazer, she often used sex to bolster her talent, and the big bounty hunter was just the type of male she found attractive. Every part of his mouthwatering body was super-sized, including the thick bulge in those tight spacer pants. She felt her pussy cream in anticipation when he stalked through the doorway, a darkly sinful grin on his rugged face.

"Miss me?" He shrugged his shirt off his shoulders, baring a muscular chest. "I've turned navigation over to the ship's comp until we reach the next system, so we have time to get acquainted."

Anaya gulped, her attention on his big hands. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his pants and slid them down over his hips, allowing his massive shaft to spring free. He dropped the pants to the floor and kicked them off.

She felt a sudden twinge of misgiving. She'd always been in charge during her sexual exploits; her chosen partners willing to follow her lead and pleasure her in any way she demanded. The bounty hunter might not be quite so easy to control.

He gripped his cock in his fist, casually running it down the thick length. She watched, unable to tear her gaze away from the single drop glistening on the plum-shaped tip.

Ryland sauntered over to where she hung in midair, trapped by the field. How the hell did he manage to move through it so effortlessly? She narrowed her eyes speculatively. Only a military class nano system would allow him that kind of control over an anti-grav stasis field -- which would also explain how he'd managed to detect her presence.

She felt incredibly vulnerable, unable to move while he stood by her side, sweeping the heavy mass of her hair back from her forehead. She barely managed to whimper softly when he carefully eased the silky material of her suit back to expose her breasts. She'd always been proud of her breasts; pert little mounds, nicely rounded with dusky pink nipples.

He rolled one between his thumb and forefinger, nodding in approval as it came to attention. "There's something satisfying about a female that's bred to fuck. Cuts through all that annoying chatter some women require before getting down to business."

Anaya had to concede he had a point. Legally registered sex slaves commanded a premium price at flesh markets around the galaxy. They were bred for looks and a high sex drive, and were perfectly happy with their lot in life. They were well treated, and often lived better than the citizens.

Ryland walked behind her. Anaya felt him grasp her hands and gently push the cuffs up higher on her arms to expose the welts circling the slender limbs. She felt the soothing caress of his thumb gliding gently over the tender flesh before he let go of her arms and came back around to face her.

"Your master deserves to be thrashed. This is totally unacceptable. " He let go of her wrists and looked into her eyes. She thought she detected a twinge of guilt at her fear. "Don't worry. I won't hurt you. Much. I've never taken a female by force and I don't intend to start now."

Anaya watched his lips descend, mesmerized. She closed her eyes, her lips parting under the gentle pressure teasing them with skillful nibbles. She could feel the restrained power of his hands exploring her body, gliding over the hollow of her shoulder, shaping the mounds of her breasts. He swept his tongue into her mouth, demanding her submission while his hands continued to stroke the sensitive flesh of her breasts.

He smiled at her, his sexy blue eyes glittering when he trailed a path of kisses from her mouth, down to the hollow of her throat. He paused there, taking his time exploring the tender skin before continuing down to nuzzle one nipple, scoring his teeth across the pebbled peak while she gasped, unable to move. Ryland sucked the tip into his mouth, and liquid heat shot through her.

"Please." She hated the pleading tone of her voice, but she couldn't stop herself. "I need to be able to move."

"You need to do what I tell you." Ryland tilted his head. "I'm beginning to see why your master punished you so harshly. You need a firm hand." He turned his attention back to her breasts, licking and sucking as she whimpered helplessly beneath his attention. Just when she thought she couldn't handle any more, he stopped and backed away from her. A wicked grin curved his sexy mouth when he deliberately slid his big fist down the length of his cock.

Anaya's watched the huge shaft swell even larger, the plum-shaped tip jerking eagerly. She slipped her tongue out and licked her lips, unable to tear her gaze away.

"Want a taste?"


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