Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mate Marks-- Breath by Kate Hill

Mate Marks: Breath
by Kate Hill

cover art by Sahara Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-60521-132-9
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Shapeshifters
Series: Mate Marks
Length: Novella


Ever since her childhood, when she'd come face-to-face with a lizard boy on the beach, Dr. Teena Parker has been trying to prove the existence of a new species between reptile and man. During a wildlife expedition in Australia, Teena discovers Flick, a gorgeous golden shapeshifter who has been injured while protecting his young.

Desire burns between Teena and Flick as they explore each other in every way. Teena now has the proof that these supernatural creatures exist, but should she risk their lives by reporting her discovery? Is her love and lust for Flick more powerful than her quest for credibility in her field?


Teena paused a moment and sighed. She'd been walking since early morning and decided to stop for a rest beneath the shade of a tree. She removed her backpack and sat. Her eyes slipped shut and when she opened them, a strange feeling came over her. Glancing around, she saw that only her immediate area was clearly visible. Everything in the distance was dark and blurred. This had to be a dream yet she felt awake and fully aware. Out of the murky depths ahead, she saw a pale gold figure approaching. As it neared, her heartbeat quickened. This was the creature she had spent her life searching for, except it wasn't a boy, but a full grown lizard man. He was frighteningly beautiful with pale gold skin and blue eyes that stared at her with the same wonder and desire she felt. As he neared, his color changed, chameleon-like, from gold to orange. For some reason, she wasn't afraid of him. His eyes were gentle, but she also saw underlying strength reflected in them. It struck her that deep inside she'd wished all her life to meet a man who looked at her like this. She wanted to speak, but they were beyond words. He knelt at her feet and curled his hot, long-fingered hand around her ankle. He lightly caressed her calves and leaned closer, flicking his tongue over her kneecaps and making her shiver with desire. When Teena glanced down, she was shocked to realize she was as naked as he was. His soft, wet tongue continue its way up her thighs and her eyes slipped shut. This was the way to dream! His tongue teased the joining of her thighs then traveled up her ribs and over her belly. Moaning softly, she began exploring him as well, surprised by the almost silken feel of his textured flesh. His scales were ultra-fine, like no species she had ever seen before. Science was the last thing on her mind, however. Her mysterious lover cupped her breasts in his hands and stroked them tenderly. When he drew her nipple into his mouth and used his wickedly skilled tongue upon it, she thought she might explode then and there and he hadn't even touched her clit yet. As if reading her mind, he dipped his hand between her legs and kneaded her soft mound. He slid first one long finger inside her pussy, then another. All the while his lips and tongue remained busy with her nipple. The pert nub ached and tingled, especially when he used his teeth upon it ever so gently. Withdrawing his fingers from her pussy, he began rubbing her clit. Delicious sensations coursed through her. Her hips thrust against his hand and she moaned again, her heart racing. He sucked her nipple hard and she cried out, clutching his head and again noting how hot he felt, almost feverish. No wonder. She felt the exact same way. The sexual fever had already overtaken her. This was the best dream of her life. Any moment she was going to come and she knew the explosion would be incredible. The gorgeous beast released her nipple, grasped her hips and covered her clit with his mouth. This was too much. His hot, wet tongue flicked relentlessly over her aching flesh and Teena burst in ecstasy. Wave after wave of pleasure threatened to knock her off her feet. She moaned and writhed. Teena awoke still moaning, her body bathed in sweat and her clit pulsing faintly in the aftermath. Panting, she glanced around and saw that her surroundings were once again normal. She sat up and rubbed a hand over her face. "What a dream," she muttered, though she almost wished she could slip back into it. It had been more fulfilling than any sexual encounter she'd ever had with a real man. Unfortunately, as with most dreams, the wonderful sensations began to fade now that she was fully awake. Sighing, she reached for her water and took a sip. Then a strange feeling struck her and this time she wasn't dreaming. It was as if a voice in the back of her mind was pushing her toward a specific area of the coastal cliffs. She headed past a small clump of vegetation. Though she had already searched this area, it looked different. Vast caves rose in the distance and she wondered if she wasn't hallucinating. How could she have missed this earlier? Nearing the caves, something caught her eye. Something--or someone--lay on a large, flat rock in the clearing ahead. The sunlight beat down upon the figure, making its pale gold flesh gleam. Teena's heart pounded and her breathing quickened. She could scarcely believe her eyes. The urge to slap herself to be certain she wasn't dreaming again almost overcame her. In fact she did pinch her thigh hard just to be on the safe side. Yeah. She was awake and the sexy monster from her dreams was now right in front of her and shockingly real. There had to be an explanation for her dream. Maybe she had been half asleep and he'd passed by her on the way to this rock? Seeing him while she was in a semiconscious state had prompted the dream. Yes. That was it. The golden creature sprawled stomach down on the rock. He was long, lean and exquisitely proportioned, like the fittest athlete dressed in a lizard skin bodysuit. His long tail, complete with two delicately shaped stingers, rested over one of his muscular thighs. It crossed her mind that there was something familiar about his tail, but she had more important things to consider at the moment, such as the fierce red wound marring the back of his right shoulder. It was a startling contrast to his beautiful gold skin. John hadn't been hallucinating and here was the proof of what Teena seen all those years ago. Teena approached cautiously. Though the creature had human characteristics, she had no way of knowing how he would react to her. Obviously he was in need of medical attention. He didn't seem to be breathing, so she hoped it wasn't too late to help him. Still, even dead, he was an incredible scientific find. Now no one would ever call her the mad scientist again.

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