Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday's New Reviews for Changeling Press!

Congratulations to all!


New Review - DAWG TOWN: MAD DAWG - Tuesday Richards

Reviewed by Book Wenches


Tuesday Richards' Mad Dawg puts a special twist on cute and furry, and it is funny and sexy and downright entertaining. Dolly and Bryce are an engaging pair that you can't help but like.


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New Review - DAWG TOWN: HOMECOMING - Selena Illyria

Reviewed by Book Wenches


. Ms. Illyria does an excellent job. She has given us a quick, sexy and fun read with Homecoming, and I am quite interested to see how other stories in this series will pan out.


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New Review - DAWG TOWN: BAD DAWG - Lena Austin

Reviewed by Book Wenches


Bad Dawg is amusing from beginning to end, and it is chock full of comic similes and metaphors that make for very vivid and humorous imagery.


http://www.bookwenc views.htm


New Review - DAWG TOWN: HUSTLE - Anne Kane

Reviewed by Book Wenches


This story has been written with the same sense of fun that marks the other titles in the Dawg Town series.  And it is that underlying thread of humor that keeps us coming back to Dawg Town to visit its residents.


http://www.bookwenc views.htm


New Review - SWEET OBLIVION: FLUID - Jordan Castillo Price

Reviewed by Elisa Rolle


With the help of Michael, Wild Bill is becoming a better man... vampire, giving a sense to his life, and with the help of Wild Bill, Michael is finding who he wants to be.


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