Friday, September 18, 2009

Bunny Tails: Hare Today by Camille Anthony

Bunny Tails: Hare Today
by Camille Anthony

cover art by Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-264-7
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure
Theme(s): Interracial, Ménage, Werewolves, BBW
Series: Bunny Tails
Length: Novella


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Ouida -- She suffers from an embarrassment of riches... if being sexed up by four hunky males is suffering. Ouida's reveling in the temporary excess, knowing she'll revert to having only one mate as soon as this year's Fertility Festival ends. Looking forward to settling down with Vance, she's shocked when trouble, in the form of a newspaper article, disrupts her new life. She thought she'd left Yesterday behind... Will it destroy her tomorrows?
Vance – Sharing his luscious beautiful black mate wasn't his first choice, it was his only one. Vance can't wait to have his Ouida all to himself. He's dying to release the sexual submissive she unknowingly harbors within. When the past intrudes on his plans, Vance can only pray Ouida chooses him over her former life. Is Today all he'll have of her?
Xen – He didn't plan on falling in love with Ouida. Vance has been his friend since puppyhood and Xen never imagined they'd become enemies. One taste of Ouida's sweet body changed all that. Screw Pack Law. To hell with the Alpha's demands he back off. Xen plans to seize the day and create his own Tomorrows...


Bunny Tails: Hare Today(c) 2009 Camille Anthony
* * *
Xen, Usher, Brax and I joined with the pack hunt. Being free to range the land in our true form was an unimaginable adrenaline rush. Nothing compared to coursing far after game, taking down the prey and drinking its hot, bubbling blood, ripping into the tender flesh of the fresh kill.
My three lieutenants and I took down the first stag of the night, tearing into the steaming carcass to get at the prize -- the still-beating heart. I claimed the first bite, careful to leave a portion for the other three. We’d shared the hunt, we would share the reward. Howling our triumph and joy, we called the others, willing now to share the good fortune of plentiful meat.
We flushed out a goodly brace of hares, most of which we shared with the orphans and elderly among the People since we’d be carrying none home to Ouida. For some reason, she wouldn’t eat hare meat, claiming the relationship with them she felt as a result of what she’d gone through last winter.
Instead, we set aside a few hefty hunks of venison, wrapped in a portion of the deerskin. She’d eat that, but not before burning it over flames until she’d practically ruined the meat. I allowed her to retain some human foibles because I loved her, but I knew I’d soon have to begin weaning my female from her unnatural habits.
Alphas don’t usually carry packs, but Brax and Usher were willing to be our beasts of burden since it was for Ouida. It helped that they were beta to Xen and me. Xen and I shifted long enough to fashion pouches and halters of sorts from broad leaves and twigs. Once we finished, we relaxed into our true forms and hurried home, baying joyously as our paws ate up the distance in seemingly no time.
She was waiting for us on the porch, her dark skin gleaming under the light of the full moon. Her teeth -- a wide blunt edged row of startling white -- were bared in her human expression of smiling and she’d already launched herself from the wooden platform before we shifted into bipeds.
“Wait until we can catch you,” I cautioned, rushing to intercept her before her round, plump bottom hit the dirt. I eased her down gently, waiting for her feet to touch the ground before looping my arms about her waist.
She went up on tiptoe to kiss me and laughed. “You guys always catch me, though I can’t understand why you haven’t put your backs out hefting this big butt of mine around.”
Xen came up behind her, growling at her words. He cupped her ass and squeezed until her soft flesh stood up around his fingers. “I love this beautiful ass and I’ll hear nothing negative about it, or I’ll be spanking it as I fuck you.”
I bit back a snarl, wishing I’d thought to say that when Ouida turned bright eyes on Xen and flung an arm out to drag him in for a hearty press of lips. “Sometimes you know just what to say to make my day!”
I tightened my arms around her, drawing her attention away from that damned smooth wolf. “I’m about to make your night.”
“Oh yeah?” She tipped her chin up and mock scowled at me, looking like an adorable pup trying to play grown up.. “You and what army?”
“Usher and Brax reporting for duty… Sir!” The two stepped up to us, running bold hands over our female’s hips and flanks, down her legs. “We’ll gladly take kitchen detail.”
She looked a question. “Kitchen detail?”
Usher skimmed a hand up her leg, ended with his palm covering her thatch of dense curls. “Where the heat is.”
“Oh.” Ouida’s breasts quivered as her breathy sigh ghosted on the night air. Her thighs trembled, knees relaxing as Usher rotated his hand over her mound, sent a finger questing through the swollen labia to sweep her dainty channel. A sharp, sweet aroma burst from her skin, inundating the area with her arousal, causing all our nostrils to flare. We soaked in her beckoning scent, our cocks rising in response of the powerful aphrodisiac.
Still holding her by the ass, Xen flexed his fingers, pulling the globes of her butt apart to reveal her puckered anus. “I’ve got the rear covered… to make sure there’s no retreat.”
She blushed. The wash of color stained her cheeks a rosy dusky brown while generating a heat that radiated off her flesh, painting the night air with ribbons of hot fuchsia lust.
“I suppose that leaves me guarding the front lines,” I quipped, dipping my head to capture a taut blackberry nipple between my teeth. The sharp nip I gave her made her squeal and tremble.

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