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Damon's: Blind Date by Sophia Titheniel

Damon's: Blind Date
by Sophia Titheniel

cover art by ReneƩ George
ISBN: 978-1-59596-504-2
Genre(s): Urban Fantasy
Theme(s): Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures, Gay and Lesbian
Series: Damon's
Length: Novella


Life for a waiter at the most glamorous and hip multi-racial club of all the West Coast should be just that: hip and glamorous. Not for Jesse, though. The only human waiter in the club, he watches the special nights of Damon's slide right past him, without having the courage to ever take advantage of any of that.
When Damon finds out that Jesse's not only closeted, but still a virgin, he and Alyan set him up on a blind date with Alagos, a skilled habituƩ of Damon's nights, who wants nothing more than to introduce Jesse to the thrills of sex and bondage. After an exhilarating first time, Jesse realizes he can't get enough of Alagos. He's going to do his best to break Alagos of his "no strings attached" rule and win the Elf's heart -- one blind date at a time.


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Damon turned around, smiling once he saw Jesse, one of the club's best employees. "Yeah?"
"There are people demanding a Wednesday special, despite my trying to explain I can't get them a Speed Dating card tonight. I don't really know what to do anymore."
"I'll take care of it," Damon said with a smile. "Where are they?"
"Booth seven," Jesse said, gesturing toward the back of the club.
Damon gave a cheeky wink to Alyan and pressed a soft, wet kiss on his lips. "Don't go anywhere."
"Wouldn't dream of it."
Damon breezed toward the back booths, and Alyan turned to Jesse.
"Night's going smooth so far?" Alyan asked, walking back to the bar with him.
"Despite people not knowing the calendar, yeah, it's going fine." Jesse answered with a smile as they both slid behind the bar.
Alyan liked Jesse. He knew Damon couldn't understand the kid's shyness, especially because Jesse was outrageously good looking -- to be a human, that's it. Jesse had that fair complexion that could've almost passed him for one of Elven kind, had his nose and cheekbones not been dusted with freckles. He was tall, not as tall as Alyan, but close enough, and his shoulders were broad, the result of hard manual labor and gym work. And despite all that, and working in one of the classiest clubs in all of LA, where the most beautiful singles from all species came to mingle and pair up, Jesse stayed in the background, shaking cocktails and mixing drinks and generally being polite and professional to everyone, but still only in the background.
Alyan knew it drove Damon crazy. Damon just couldn't comprehend how someone could not want to enjoy himself, how could anyone lack the confidence that he oozed from his every pore. If Damon had a fault, it was his inability to put himself in someone else's shoes. Alyan understood Jesse's plight, probably better than most people. Alyan had spent his centuries-long life feeling awkward, out of place and uncomfortable in his skin while everything around him changed, everyone adapted but him. Meredith made fun of him, in that exasperated, patronizing but loving older sister way, but Alyan just couldn't get past his own issues.
Jesse, in many ways, was very similar to Alyan, even if the reasons behind his attitude were different. And Alyan didn't know exactly which reasons he had, but he still felt for him. Jesse wasn't that comfortable around Alyan yet, even though he'd warmed up considerably since the very first weeks. Alyan wished he could sit the kid down and talk to him. To say what, he had no idea yet, but he just felt as though part of the loneliness most of his kind were used to feeling, because of the burden and gift of immortality, was crushing their bartender.
"When is your night off?" Alyan asked as he started on mixing himself a Screaming Orgasm. The bar was mostly quiet, thankfully, the perfect moment to try and start a conversation.
"Ah, it was gonna be tomorrow, but I told Damon I could work anyway, since Teleon is sick."
Alyan gave him a curious glance. "You've been here every night this week. Surely you want to chill out tomorrow?"
"I don't really have anything to do," Jesse said with a small shrug, turning to give Alyan a smile as he slid a glass his way, so that Alyan could pour his cocktail into it.
"Hey gorgeous, can I buy you one?"
Both of them turned to see a beautiful female Elf, her hair thick, red and wavy, her eyes sparkling blue, leaning across the bar and sliding a bill across it to Jesse. Jesse blinked, as though he didn't really get the implications behind her request. He glanced back at Alyan, then gave her a smile and passed her a shot of tequila. "No, but this one is on the house."
Alyan barely restrained from rolling his eyes a little, and kept his smile to himself. The female Elf gulped down the shot, holding Jesse's gaze seductively before sliding off her stool and pushing herself closer to him. "What time do you get off?"
"Way late," Jesse said, his tone apologetic. He glanced back to Alyan, the look in his eyes sort of desperate, and Alyan quickly cottoned on.
"Jesse, can you come here a moment?"
The female Elf slouched away with a pout, and Jesse took a sigh of relief as he downed what was supposed to be Alyan's drink. "What was that about? She was a knockout."
Jesse blushed slightly, but avoided Alyan's eyes as he finished the cocktail, mumbling something under his breath that could've been anything.
Alyan frowned, perplexed, but before he could get in a word, Damon was back, his hand sliding in the back pocket of Alyan's jeans.
"Hey there," Damon whispered, kissing the side of Alyan's neck.
"Hey. All sorted?"
"Yeah, I had Kalvin kick them out," Damon said indifferently, his grin glowing brighter as Alyan rolled his eyes at him. "Come on."
"Meaning business."
Alyan snorted. It was one of Damon's codes. Sometimes his boyfriend (his boyfriend, didn't that make him giggle like a schoolgirl) was a few cards short of a full deck. Damon was crazy about noir movies and gangster flicks, and he found it immensely amusing that every time there was a night club scene, after you'd seen all the crowd and the dancing people and scantily-clad waitresses, there were always the back rooms where the people in black were "meaning business."
Damon had a lot of these impromptu crazy eureka moments, and Alyan had learned to give in to whatever he came up with. They were what made Alyan fall in love with him in the first place. "Right," he said, grinning at Damon and clasping their fingers together. "Jesse, you okay --"
"I'll take care of the bar," Jesse finished easily, smiling at them.
"You're awesome," Damon beamed. He tugged on Alyan's hand, and before Alyan could actually inquire if Jesse was doing okay, he was dragged away by Damon toward one of the back rooms.

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