Saturday, September 19, 2009

STEAMY NIGHTS is Joyfully Recommended!

Congratulations to Marie Treanor!
She said:

I don't think I've got around to boasting about this yet, but I'm thrilled to bits that Patrice at Joyfully Reviewed made Steamy Nights a Recommended Read for September :)

http://www.joyfully reviewed. com/reviews/ RRs/Sep09RR/ steamynights. MT.html

Here's a bit of what she said:

"Mix time-travel devices plus 19th century technology, throw in a strangely named scientist/adventure r who's a ringer for David Beckham (with Dr. Who's personality) , add sleazy, ruthless villains and peculiar odd-balls, then set him up with a love interest that's a fusion of fallen angel/girl-next- door, and you still won't quite grasp it all until you actually read Steamy Nights."

"[Caratacus] made the entire narrative hum with thrills, excitement, and heat.  Miri compliments his wild, boyishly chaotic energy, driving the story with a quixotic insanity that never quits.  Whatever direction this story takes, it works and will never leave you disappointed even when you feel left behind.  I'm reserving a special slot for Steamy Nights on my Recommended Read dance card, and so should you."



Available Now from Changeling Press

Many thanks to the wonderful Patrice! 



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