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Eve Aizawa 1: Deus Eve Machina by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Eve Aizawa 2: Deus Eve Machina
by Lizzie Lynn Lee

cover art by Reneé George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-256-2
Genre(s): Futuristic, Action/Adventure, BDSM, Cyber-Punk
Series: Eve Aizawa
Length: Novella


Eve is back.
New mission. New body. New bad boy lover.
One scorching hot fling.
In the Imperial Sigma-Ren’s underground world, Stepan Aleksandrov is the kingpin of all gangsters. When Stepan’s only heir, Olga, commits suicide while being interrogated by the government, Central Command sends Eve to impersonate Olga as live bait. Olga’s fiancé, Aleksei, is currently holding a secret list that could bring down the whole syndicate, and Centcom wants Eve to recover it.
Lex Savage, a prime alpha and renegade mercenary, is commissioned to kill Eve by Stepan’s rival. But after one look at Eve, Lex changes his mind and offers her a deal -- his protection in exchange for Eve giving him her body. When a bad girl meets her match, the world around them must brace for the explosive impact…

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

In a normal situation, if I found a man sneaking into my bedroom, the first thing I would do would be to grab my plasmafrag and blast the son of a bitch to dust for trespassing on my property. But since I was now undercover as Olga Aleksandrov, I decided to react like Olga would do in this kind of situation: I screamed like hell.
A high-pitched noise cut through the air, storming to the ceiling. The intruder tackled me onto the bed. He crushed me with his weight while his large hand covered my mouth, silencing my wails. "Ssh, be quiet. I'm not going to hurt you."
My uninvited guest seemed unhappy about the ruckus I'd made. My bedroom walls were paper-thin, and my neighbors could hear my scream; that was if anyone cared anyway. My apartment building stood in the heart of Zamora district, the ghetto of ghettos. Nobody gave a shit about anyone but themselves. Still, he didn't like me screaming.
I writhed, but he locked me good. His palm tightened around my face, making my jaws hurt. This guy was definitely augmented and fitted with the biomechatronics system. He had bionic strength and agility.
And so had I. This blank, the bioengineered body I was wearing, had also been augmented for this mission. Since I was impersonating Olga Aleksandrov, I couldn't risk blowing my cover by knocking him back. Well, not until I found out who the hell this guy really was.
I stopped writhing, schooling myself to look terrified. I looked straight into his eyes, surprised to find my uninvited guest had the most gorgeous blue eyes I had ever seen. They were large and shockingly blue, accentuated with the thick, lush lashes that didn't belong with his rough features. His jaw was chiseled, balanced with a prominent nose that was in perfect proportion with his face. He'd shaved his head clean. A nanoenhancive barcode tattoo was etched behind his left ear; it twirled, flashing a thirteen-digit code that marked him as a guild member or something. I thought this guy was a hunter, or a mercenary of some sort.
"Are you calm now?" His voice was deep and resonant, dark as his skin. Each syllable was punctuated in throaty, male rumbles. Fucking sexy. I nodded, keeping up my act.
"I'll take my hand away only if you promise not to scream." I nodded again. He blinked. The thick lashes swept down and up like a dancer's fan. "Okay." He removed his hand, eyes narrowed. He seemed ready to muffle me again the moment I decided to scream my head off. "That's better." He looked pleased when I kept the bargain. "I can't stand hearing a woman's scream." His dazzling white smile turned into a leer. "Not unless she has my cock inside her."
Well. "Who are you?" I tried to detangle from him.
He wouldn't let me. It seemed he was having too much fun with me under his mercy. He made a tiny gesture with his free hand. "Name is Lexius Savage. But you can call me Lex."
Lex Savage? What kind of parents named their son Lex Savage? It sounded as phony as a porn star's stage name. "What do you want from me?"
"I know who you are, Emily, or shall I call you Olga Aleksandrov?" Lex gave me a reprimanding headshake. "I see you've been a bad girl, Olga. Faking your own death in that boat accident, just so you won't have to marry your fiancé Aleksei."
I inhaled a sharp breath, pretending I was shocked he knew my secret. "Did he send you to bring me back to New Moscow?"
"No. Boris Kumarin did."
"He called a hit on you."
That surprised me. Boris Kumarin was the rival of Olga's father -- Stepan Aleksandrov. Stepan was the Pakhan, the kingpin of the Vory v zakone, Russian mafia, who ruled the New Moscow system. My employer, Viper, a military counter-intelligence agency, briefed me that Kumarin was the one who helped Olga escape. I didn't expect Kumarin would be the one to call a hit on her.
"So, Kumarin sent you?" I tried to look indignant. "What are you waiting for? Kill me. I'm not afraid to die." I bluffed, of course. If a hitman were sent to kill someone, he wouldn't introduce himself and make acquaintances with his victim. I knew this man wanted a double-dealing. Perhaps he wanted a bigger payout than Kumarin had promised.
Lex shot me a cynical kind of smile. "Changed my mind. Kumarin put a lucrative price on your head. Mercs are coming for you whether you like it or not. If you make a deal with me, I'll protect you. I'll keep you safe from them."
Hmm, just like I suspected. "I don't have money. If I did, why would I live in a place like this?"
"Why do you think I want your money?"
"Everyone wants money."
"I don't need your money."
"Then what do you want?"
Lex brushed his fingertips on my cheek. "It's you I want. I want your body."

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