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Adult Excerpt (PG-13), Paranormal/IR: Tartan Mate by Selena Illyria

Tartan Mate

by Selena Illyria

Cover art: ReneƩ George

ISBN: 978-1-60521-533-4

Genre(s): Paranormal

Theme(s): Interracial, Werewolves

Series: Tartan Werewolves

Length: Novella

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Iain has made plans for a date night with Katherine that she won't soon forget. But you know what they say about the best laid plans.
What will he do when he finds out Katherine has a few plans of her own? Why lie back and take it of course.
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 Tartan Mate
Selena Illyria
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2010 Selena Illyria

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Iain settled back in the armchair and listened to Altair drone on about plans and packs and responsibility. He'd heard the speech before -- just yesterday, in fact -- and he had more important things on his mind. Well, important to him. Katherine. With the pack summit just a few short months away, she'd been running around like a chicken with its head cut off organizing, filing and running the front office. Some nights she didn't make it to bed at all. Other nights she'd fallen asleep with her work clothes still on -- even her shoes.
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Enough was enough in his opinion. After much thought, he'd decided what was needed was a night out on the town followed by a few spa treatments at a hotel. He'd already picked the place and made the reservations. Only dinner was left to take care of.
"Iain, I'm sure you have other things, far more important things to do, but can you give us just a small bit of your time? Hmmm?" Altair asked.
Heat flushed his neck, cheeks and the edges of his ears at having been caught by his father. Looking around, he saw his fellow pack members snickering. His own brother Conal was bent over, holding his stomach and laughing silently. Scowling, he turned his attention to his father at the front of the room.
"Sorry, Father, but I've heard this speech before." The laughter stopped and the room grew quiet. Very quiet.
Unease slipped down his spine as he realized what he'd just said. "Shite," he muttered. "I'm sorry, Father."
Altair nodded his head. "I understand and I know I've been saying the same thing over and over again." He sighed and sank down into a deep, wingback brown leather chair. "With William doing God knows what and Roarke insisting on being a recluse, I don't know what will happen at the summit. Combine this with the soon to be arriving Talia... The future is very foggy. Right now, we're only as good as the members we've got and even though it warms my heart to see Kameron among our ranks, and with the addition of his brother, we're still down in power. I don't know how much longer I can keep the other packs in line with the way things are going."
Altair's face was worn. His wrinkles seemed to be deeper, and his eyes had lost a bit of that mischievous glint they normally had. Iain's heart lurched for his father. He glanced over at his brother. The siblings exchanged a look that said it all. They feared their father's health was failing.
"Oh, for God's sake, I'm not dying," Altair groused. "I'm tired. Haven't been sleeping properly, been having bad dreams lately." His eyes narrowed. "We must get Roarke back into the fold and soon. I worry that if Melody isn't successful, we will lose him."
Kameron growled next to him. "Send me to the island. Let me knock some sense into him. I'll bring him back to us."
Iain shook his head. "That won't do any good. Roarke is stubborn and scared, a bad combination. Let Melody work on him."
Kameron grumbled under his breath but nodded his head.
"Good. If it comes to it, I'll go to the island myself. Now, as for the summit, we've received no word yet on the Washington pack or their leader. As far as Talia is concerned, I've been told that her plans have changed. Now her intention is to reconnect with Katherine. We shall see." Altair looked around. "Where is Brody? I could have sworn I told him the meeting was today?"
"He's handling the pub," Rorick called out. "Don't worry, we'll fill him in."
Altair nodded. "Everyone but Iain is dismissed. I'll see you for dinner tonight."
Everyone filed out of the room. Iain went up to his father feeling like a scolded schoolboy being sent to detention or to the principal's office.
"Father?" he asked. Iain prayed and hoped that it wouldn't take long.
"Don't worry. I won't ask you to do any diplomacy trips. I'm worried about Katherine." He paused and shook his head. "I know she's been working hard; sleeping in the office, working on files long into the night, not eating properly."
Iain started. He hadn't known about that. Anger and worry gnawed at his gut. How much have I missed?
"Robin's been keeping me apprised of the situation. I need you to take Katherine out this weekend. She needs a break." Altair gave him a knowing glance.
Heat rose once again up his neck to spread across his cheeks and around the edges of his ears. "Father --" he started.
Altair cut him off. "Just take care of her, okay?"
Iain nodded his head, hoping that was all his father was going to ask of him.
Altair grinned. "Good. While you're distracting her, I'll keep trying with Roarke. I'm using some of my contacts in the vampire and tiger shifting community to get to him. Perhaps they can help."
"Great, wonderful. I'm, uh, going to go make preparations. See you at dinner, Father." Iain didn't wait for a response. He rushed out of the room to his private office across the hall. After shutting the door, he slumped against the hardwood. Bowing his head, he blew out a breath. He wiped a hand over his face and straightened up. "Okay, Katherine, dinner. I better make it good."

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