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Last Call Europe: Black Wolf by Belinda McBride

Last Call Europe: Black Wolf
by Belinda McBride
Cover art: Bryan Keller 
ISBN: 978-1-60521-526-6 
Genre(s): Paranormal, BDSM 
Theme(s): Werewolves, Magic and Mayhem, Gay and Lesbian 
Series: Last Call Europe 
Length: Novella
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The chase is on, but who is the hunter, and who is the prey?

Book Summary
Siberians live for the thrill of the chase; wolves exist for the joy of the
capture. On a foolish dare, Jasper O'Shea takes a gamble at the Last Call,
letting fate chose his lover for the night.
Detective Brutus "Brutal" Ballantine came to the Last Call looking for something
far different than a sly, clever Siberian Husky. Yet when the call comes over
the sound system, he finds himself unable to resist the lure of laughing blue
eyes and a happy tail.
The chase is on, but who is the hunter, and who is the prey?
(Author's note: While this story stands alone, it features characters introduced
in Last Call Europe: Devil's Advocate.)
ADULT Excerpt:
Without warning, Brutal came down on top of him, pinning him to the floor with
his bulk, and as hard as he struggled, Jasper was unable to escape. They lay
like that for a moment, catching their breath and waiting for their hearts to
slow their pace. Wicked teeth dug into Jasper's nape, holding him in position.
Jasper groaned. Not in animal form! God only knew how it would feel if the wolf
knotted him! He relaxed and let himself shift back to human, feeling the soft
pile of the carpet under his belly. The wolf was pressed full length over his
body, holding him in place.
"Okay… I submit!"
Jasper felt a shimmer of power, and then a very large, very aroused man took the
place of the wolf. His body responded, his ass clenching even as his prick grew
painfully hard. The carpet suddenly didn't feel so good against his skin.
Brutal began to rock against him, pressing his erection into the hard muscle of
Jasper's thigh.
"You sure? I was just getting warmed up." His voice was a growling rumble in
Jasper's ear. He rose to his knees, jerking Jasper's ass into the air. "You want
it dark and dirty, and I'm more than happy to comply, Red."
"Jasper. The name's Jasper." He gasped. "And I'd appreciate lube if you're
planning on shoving that monster up me arse!"
Brutal began laughing, and let Jasper loose. He crawled away and turned,
plopping down on his bottom. He grinned at the big man. "Gave you a good run,
didn't I?" He scooted back as Brutal began moving in his direction, still on
hands and knees.
"Shut up."
Hard lips came down on his, a rough tongue forced its way into Jasper's mouth,
and he gasped, trapped and unable to retreat any further. He had the wall at his
back and a man the size of a wall to his front. He struggled briefly, and then
submitted to the rough embrace, letting the wolf take out all his sexual
frustration in the kiss.
Their teeth clicked, and Jasper ran his tongue over the wicked canines that
hadn't yet receded completely. When he tried to move, Ballantine's hand tangled
in his hair, holding his head in place.
Suddenly Ballantine had moved away. He was on his feet, reaching down to drag
Jasper upright, hauling him bodily toward the bare, simple bed. Jasper was
tossed through the air and landed on his back, his breath gusting out on impact.
The beast followed, crawling across the mattress until he covered Jasper,
pinning him in place.
"I win." He grinned at Jasper.
"This round, perhaps."
"It's the moment that counts." He continued up Jasper's body until that flushed,
rigid pole of his was hovering just over his lips. Jasper cocked a brow, looking
up at the man who had him pinned in place.
"Oh, such a romantic."
He saw Brutal's lips twitch in a smile. "You've been asking for it all night.
It's time to take what you asked for, Rover. Now suck."
The head bumped against his lips and Jasper tilted his jaw back until it was
sliding down under his chin. He turned his head, and it was wrenched back when a
big hand anchored itself in his hair.
"Oh, fine. Just fine…" He opened his mouth, letting the tip of his tongue drag
up the heavily veined underside of Brutal's shaft. He turned his head slightly.
"This would be a bit easier if you'd get your knees off my arms."
"Shut up."
Jasper rolled his eyes and opened his mouth, swallowing down the engorged flesh
as Brutal pushed in ruthlessly. He sucked hard enough to strip the chrome from a
trailer hitch, watching as Brutal's face went dark with shock and pleasure.
Bastard wanted to get sucked off? Well, Jasper knew a thing or two about blowing
a man.
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