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Deep Space Encounters: Azula's Rebellion by Selena Blake

Deep Space Encounters: Azula's Rebellion

by Selena Blake

Cover art: Bryan Keller

ISBN: 978-1-60521-544-0

Genre(s): Paranormal, Sci-Fi

Theme(s): Ménage, Bisexual and More

Series: Deep Space Encounters

Length: Novella


The lore says all Illuminarians have one true mate. Princess Azula runs away from an arranged marriage only to be kidnapped. When one of her rescuers turns out to be her true mate, she's shocked to find out he's already involved -- with his handsome co-pilot.

Jace left Illuminaria, and Azula, in order to see the universe. He's tried to deny the lure of his mate, but now that she's only an arm's length away, how will he be able to deny himself and his lover of her kiss, her love, her touch?

With no clothes and no money, she must depend on their goodwill. But will she succumb to their desire?

Deep Space Encounters: Azula's Rebellion

Selena Blake

All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2010 Selena Blake

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

A noise startled Azula, waking her from her dream. She blinked a few times and then took in her surroundings. Oh heavens. It hadn't been a dream. She was still on the Federation vessel.

Fatigue and hunger battled for her attention as she came fully awake. It had been at least three days since she'd eaten anything or allowed herself to rest. A catnap in the cargo hold hardly counted. She closed her eyes a moment but images flashed behind her eyelids. Six days since those... those women had kidnapped her. Her lip curled upward at the memory.

She needed food. And sleep. But she couldn't risk being caught again. She waited, muscles protesting, until the ship was quiet before crawling from her hiding spot. The narrow crawlspace had given her just enough room to squeeze inside and stay out of sight while the Federation soldiers had seated the rescued women from PrimeC one after another. All kidnapped. All held against their will like broodmares. The situation was barbaric.

If word got out about her kidnapping... she shuddered. Her parents would not be happy. Not only had she, the princess of Illuminaria, defied her parents' wishes and run away from home, she hadn't taken her guards. No doubt her parents were keeping her disappearance under wraps. She wouldn't do anything further to disgrace them. No. She couldn't call home. She hadn't accomplished what she'd set out to do and she was done relying on everyone else.

She crouched low, keeping her gaze focused on the far door, and visualized her surroundings in her mind. She forced herself to relax, to take the calm, steadying breaths that would make her completely invisible to anyone who was not of her kind. Illuminarians were gifted with invisibility, a rare trait even with all the technology in the universe.

Azula had never managed to conquer the gift completely. She could only remain invisible for a few minutes at a time unless she remained extremely focused, relaxed and neutral of mind, which was why she was so bone tired. She'd hidden herself away on PrimeC, cloaked herself in her invisibility and waited, snatching an occasional morsel of food.

Running away from the palace hadn't been her brightest idea. Obviously. Her plan had seemed easy. Foolproof. Travel from one Federation planet to the next, quietly tracking Jace Macavoy. Her plan had been going well... until she'd been taken. She rose from the floor and took a few quick steps forward. So much for foolproof. What she needed now was a new plan. And a miracle.

If she could hold onto her cloak long enough to disembark without drawing attention to herself... Her stomach rumbled. No. First she needed something to eat -- and somewhere to sleep. Once she'd regained her energy she'd figure out which of the Federation's safe planets she was on. Then she'd continue her search for Jace.

The last time she'd seen him, she'd been young. As had he. She wasn't going to return home until she'd found the man of her choosing. Jace -- not some arrogant prince from the other side of her galaxy. While her race was blessed with unimaginable good looks, Prince Liph's looks were the only thing good about him. The one time they'd met face to face he hadn't left a good impression. If anything, he was spoiled and weak.

Azula was neither of those things. Not anymore. She would make her own way, just as soon as she got off this ship.

At the end of the cavernous corridor, she paused, pressing her back against the wall. The slick steel was cold against her skin and she supposed that's what she got for slinking around in the nude. If only her mother could see her now. Azula cringed as her mother's voice flitted through her head. A queen of propriety and grace, her mother would never have gotten herself into this position.

The wide door was open and she could see the port deck below. Between her position and the door was the entry to the pilothouse. As long as that door remained closed she could probably sneak off.

Slowly, she leaned forward, her hand flat against the wall to steady herself. Two Federation guards, clad from head to toe in white laserproof suits, strode by, their bootsteps heavy on the polished floor. Azula took a calming breath and leaned back until she was well hidden. She hadn't been feeling very trusting lately.

A yearning like she'd never experienced swept over her. It was so strong, so instantaneous, that she felt pulled toward the pilothouse. And yet her second chance at freedom was a mere step away, down the ramp.

Illuminarians were told from the time they were young that each of them had one true mate -- another half -- and together they would make a perfect whole. They would feel an incredible pull, a desire like they'd never experienced before when their other half was near. Like all young girls, Azula had believed the legends. She'd yearned for her one true mate. But the man she was ordered to marry turned out to be a skunk.

Azula tiptoed around the corner and peeked through the window in the pilothouse door. The ship was so large she couldn't see the other side -- just banks of screens, windows and buttons. The door opened silently and she gasped. A masculine moan met her ears and an invisible force pulled her into the room.

Across the space, a blond-haired man sat in a low chair with his back to her, his head thrown back as he sucked in a shuddering breath. She stepped closer to the low wall separating them. Illuminarian. She could tell by the faint glimmering halo surrounding him.

The yearning got stronger, pulling her forward. He seemed so familiar. Azula was shocked to see another man kneeling between the Illuminarian's spread legs. The blond's erection jutted from his gaping uniform, long, golden and magnificently formed. The other man's hands rested on his thighs and his lips traveled up and down before finally closing over the plump crown.

She'd heard of men pleasuring other men, of course. Her race was highly sexual. But she'd never seen it. Never really imagined how erotic the sight would be; limbs tangled, masculine groans filling the air. She watched, awestruck, as the man's lips stretched to accommodate his partner's girth, his jaw opening wide, taking as much of the cock as he could. His partner sighed with pleasure, his big hands gripping the armrests.

Who better to pleasure a man than another man?


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