Friday, February 08, 2013

Flash Fiction Challenge: Class Reunion

The month of February we're celebrating Changeling Press's 9th birthday!!
More Dressed to the Nines to celebrate...
This Week's Flash Fiction Challenge:
** It's your class reunion (high school or college) and the hot guy/girl you lusted after back in the day is making eyes at you. What comes next? **
- Write a quickie with the above theme
- 100 to 150 words
- any authors or readers can come out and play
- Post at the Changeling Bar and Grill

Happy BIRTHDAY to Changeling! We're nine! AND yes, there's a discount code for that -- NINE! for Changeling's Ninth Birthday Bash. 10% off any order, all month long.
Margaret Riley
AKA Shelby Morgen
Spaceport: Backup Plan
Out now! From Changeling Press

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