Thursday, February 07, 2013

New Releases 07 February 2013

New Releases
Memphis Heat 2: Streetwise by Shelby Morgen and Marteeka Karland $3.99Caught between the MPD and the Russians, Butch and Regan have no one to turn to but each other.
Mixed Breeds: Bear Facts by Julia Talbot $3.99Jeanette's convinced she's better off solo. Smokin'-hot Neale and Zane might convince her otherwise.
Weapons of Redemption 1: Whips and Chains by Saloni Quinby $4.49In a seedy underworld of sex and violence, is Guy's lover a serial killer or the next victim?
Razor's Edge: Bull and China by Rayven Renshaw $2.49A warrior named China walks into a bar... and makes Bull an offer he'll find impossible to refuse.
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Happy BIRTHDAY to Changeling! We're nine! AND yes, there's a discount code for that -- NINE! for Changeling's Ninth Birthday Bash. 10% off any order, all month long.

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