Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Releases 11 April 2013

Night Sins (Forever) by B.J. McCall $4.49
Night is made for sin and vampires rule the dark.
Willing Captive (Outpost) by Ashlynn Monroe $3.49
Learning aliens exist is bad enough, but knowing they plan to sell her as a sex slave is far worse!
Dante Burning by Amanda Steiger $4.49
Love between humans and shifters is complicated... and wild.
In The Company of Strangers by Stephanie Burke $2.99
When Cosimo helps a cute alien bunny, he's lost in the company of strangers of the most erotic kind.
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- Write a quickie with the above theme
- 100 to 150 words
- any authors or readers can come out and play
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