Monday, February 10, 2014

Decadent Decade Monday - Interview with Shelby Morgen

This year, 2014, Changeling Press celebrates a decade of publishing.  I’m B.J. McCall and today, I’m interviewing author and publisher Shelby Morgen about her Decadent Decade at Changeling.

BJ: Shelby, welcome to the Changeling Blog.  You were a writer first then decided to start your own online publishing house. What motivated you to become a publisher?
Shelby: Sheer insanity. Plus, you know, I’m a control freak. I felt – and still feel – there’s a real market for Speculative Fiction in the women’s erotica market. I wanted to support the genres that are harder to find, women’s erotic paranormal, urban fantasy, and dark fantasy, as well as edgier contemporary stuff, and m/m. At the time M/M was really new to the romance scene, and a hard sell at other houses. We strongly endorsed the development of these markets, and have enjoyed the growth and acceptance of all of these genres and themes over the years.

BJ: It’s been ten years. What was the most exciting moment you can recall?
Shelby: The new books. I love my job. I’m like a kid in a candy shop. Every week I can’t wait to read the new releases – and I get to read them before they release!

BJ: What is your finest achievement as a publisher?
Shelby: Seeing writers we’ve taken a chance on as new talent grow and develop both their art and their craft. Through the years we’ve had many authors move on to bigger houses, and I love to hear them say “I got my start at Changeling.” Then, too, a lot of those authors still come back to Changeling whenever they have time – or a story that just doesn’t fit the large market mold.

BJ: If a time warp occurred and it was 2004, would you do it again?
Shelby: Again. And again. And again.

BJ: You’ve written many books. I’m sure you love all your stories, but which book is the story of your heart?
Shelby: The Northlanders. Still. Every once in a while, I’ll pick that series up to reread them, which I can do now almost as a stranger reading someone else’s books. Or possibly Redemption. Or maybe… Hmm. Changeling? I still love my Changeling and her beer guy. Though I have to tell you, the most fun series I’ve done would have to be Memphis Heat with Marteeka Karland. Never tried team writing before. Was a real blast! She and I did a Spaceport book together, too. Dangerous Obsession. Oh! Spaceport! The very first Spaceport. Or maybe the second one, with the drunken Katali singing Karaoki. That might be… Oh wait! I forgot about the Dire Wolves! And…

BJ: I understand you have a new book coming out.
Shelby: I have a WIP – Work in Progress – no definite release date yet. Working title is Three Glasses of Wine. It’s looking promising. If I can just manage to find time to get it finished!

What could possibly make a blind date worse? Being stood up. But Stella’s got a rescuer -- tall, dark and handsome just happens to be a were. Were what she’s not quite sure, but her gift of Paranormal Second Sight’s seeing… antlers? Might be time for another glass of wine…

And since that’s more than my editor knows about it at the moment… Wait. You’re trying to get me in trouble, aren’t you!

BJ: Thank you for taking the time for this interview.  And on a personal note, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for publishing my work since 2005. It’s been great.
Shelby: Thanks so much for having me, BJ. You rock, as always!

Shelby’s books are available

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