Saturday, February 01, 2014

Flash Fiction Challenge: Tourists!

This week's challenge theme is from Zenobia Renquist.

*** Aliens are using your closet as a tourist gateway from their world to Earth with your bedroom listed in the brochure as a must-see first stop. ***

~ Zenobia

- Write a quickie with the above theme
- 100 to 150 words
- Everyone welcome -- any author, editor, or reader can come out and play
- Entries must be women's erotica (Good smut's welcome. Porn, not so much)
- The challenge appears Friday, but you can post any time of the week at the Changeling Bar and Grill (Please put "FFC" or "Flash Fiction" and a title in your subject line) (dot) com/group/ChangelingPress

Margaret Riley
Romance with Fiction Burns...

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