Saturday, February 08, 2014

Interview with Autumn Elkridge from Falling for Fall by Sara Jay

What kind of job do you have?
The best kind! I’m a detective with the St. Louis Paranormal Investigation Unit, so I’m not your average cop. I handle monsters, faeries, curses, that kind of thing. My partner Theo is a forest god, so he also keeps things interesting.

Describe yourself in three words.
Tough, sensible and athletic.

Who is your love interest?
Oh, Theo. It’s nice to have a partner who’s also a friend with benefits, but I could never be too serious with a fickle forest god. He’s got adoring nymphs around him all the time, so you know I could never compete.

List three things about Theo that turn you on.
Theo is the forest. He smells like it and when he’s turned on, he even looks like it. It’s so incredibly hot. His hair is russet and messy, like he’s always playing in the leaves. He’s also a big charmer with a mind that’s always in the gutter. I like to act like that annoys me, but really it makes me blush in a very good way.

Whipped cream or Marshmallow?
Whipped cream! Theo makes coffee miraculously appear during our stakeouts and sometimes he adds it for something special.

What is the craziest place you and Theo have made love?
We’ve been in some crazy positions for sure. The most recent crazy place was in the middle of traffic on a highway!

Are you a night person or a morning person?
I love the night, but I can be ready to go at any time. That goes for work or play!

What's your favorite food?
You mean besides coffee? I love pumpkin anything, especially scones.

What's one thing about Theo that pisses you off?
He acts like he wants to be serious, but the man has to be crazy. He could never be serious, especially with a human—right?

You and Theo are stranded overnight in a cabin. What would you do to pass the time?
We’d bonk like bunnies. Not gonna lie. He’d probably spray me with cold water while I’m in the shower, though. He did that the last time we tried to have a getaway!

Would you share the blurb from your story?

Battling for Autumn’s life may just convince her Theo’s serious about her becoming his mate.

Tough-as-nails paranormal investigator Autumn Elkridge has her dream career and all the booty calls a woman could want from the sexy Green Man of the forest, Theo. They make perfect partners at work and in bed, but it’s in Theo’s nature to stray, not stay.

Theo wants more from their relationship. A grisly case forces her to see him in a new way. Can Autumn admit she’s falling for fall?

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