Monday, March 24, 2014

Decadent Decade Monday - Changeling Past with Cynthia Sax

Changeling is celebrating 10 years of great books. I'm B.J. McCall and I'll be journeying to Changeling Past and revisiting the first books of my fellow Changeling authors. You're invited to travel with me. Today the incredible Cynthia Sax is telling us about her first Changeling book, Dragon's Lords Mate.

Dragon Lord’s Mate (now part of the Dragon Lords Collection - ) was the first story I ever had published. Changeling Press is known throughout Romanceland for their awesome mentoring and I knew I needed this mentoring (boy, did I ever – grins). I was super stoked when Changeling took a chance on me, working patiently through many rounds of edits to coax a story from the mess of words. I’ve grown as a writer since then but I still love Dragon Lord’s Mate.

What is not to love about a scarred medieval knight with the ability to shift into a magnificent black dragon? Grun is one sexy hero. Taja, the heroine, is feisty, willing to storm into battle to protect her family and her dragon shifter. The medieval fantasy world was a setting I hadn’t seen very often in erotic romance. I’m proud that Dragon Lord’s Mate was my first story and I’m proud that Changeling Press was my first publisher. I am and will always be a Changeling. 

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