Monday, March 10, 2014

Decadent Decade Monday with Julia Talbot

Wow, y'all. I can't believe Changeling is 10!
While I've only been about since the 2nd anniversary, I think that's close enough to make me a decade author, right?
Right now I'm celebrating the re-release of my very first ever Changeling release, called The Magic Touch. I was so clever, y'all. Or I thought I was. Writing about a reluctant witch and a demon. I loved them. My editor at the time, the fabulous DC, said, oh. Not enough sex. More plot. More everything.
Grins. It was a great learning experience for me.
While most of my releases with Changeling are M/M or MMF, this one is a straight m/f, and I still adore it.
Here's the cover, which is one of my very favorite Changeling covers of all time!

And here's a wee bit of story. NQSFW
“Arrogant bastard.” Her nails dug into his palm and her lip curled.
He thought it was adorable. “Do you deny the truth of it?”
“Oh, no. You could probably have anyone you wanted, male or female. Jeremy and Gus were both ready to fall at your feet. That makes it even easier for me to tell you no.”
“Then tell me,” he murmured as he pulled her still closer, pressing his lips to hers. “Tell me to go.”
“I wish I could.” Just like their first kiss, this one went hard instantly, her arms wrapping around his neck. The magic crackled between them, raising the tiny hairs on his arms.
Yes. Oh, yes, that sent him soaring, and Nicholas dragged Trinity up on the bed so she sprawled across his legs, his cock burning against her hip. Her clothes confounded him, all laces and buckles, so he finally turned to his mind to do the work for him, finding his control shattered enough that he ripped the delicate seams. Her skin. Oh, her skin felt like nothing he’d ever felt, even when he’d been a man. Silk velvet had nothing on her. Her breasts were slightly too heavy on the underside, the nipples large and pink, and Nicholas cupped them, touched them, marveled at them. A mole crowned one, right where it met her torso. Once they had called those devil’s marks. Nicholas chose to take that as a good sign. “You are lovely.” He’d once thought she was not even pretty. Now he knew better. She made him crazed.
“You’re full of shit.” No heat filled the words, though, as she seemed distracted by his own skin, her fingers tracing his lips, his chin, then his throat. His chest seemed to please her as much as hers did him, for she pressed her nails against his breastbone before pinching his nipples, making him gasp and roll his hips. Her eyes darkened even more, and she did it again, watching his body convulse. “You like that.”
“Of course. Just as you do.” Sweet, soft beneath his touch, her nipple hardened as he pinched, going tight and turning dark rose.
That had her gasping and turning as well, crawling up his body to straddle him with her soft thighs. Her belly had a tiny roll of extra flesh as well, not at all like the too skinny girls he had seen on the television that always seemed to be on, even where he came from. Especially there. Nicholas touched her there, fingers slipping down the slope of her belly to the curls covering her pussy, wanting to feel her heat, her wetness. She did not disappoint him, so hot, so good as he stroked down between the lips of her cunt.
“Oh. Damn.”
“S’good, Nick. Don’t stop.”
“Why would I stop?”
Find it here!
Thanks for putting up with me all these years, y'all!
Julia Talbot

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