Monday, April 14, 2014

Decadent Decade Monday - Changeling Past with Ruth D. Kerce

Changeling is celebrating 10 years of great books. I'm B.J. McCall and I'll be journeying to Changeling Past and revisiting the first books of my fellow Changeling authors. You're invited to travel with me. Today the remarkable Ruth D. Kerce is telling us about her first Changeling book, Lady of the Night.

Lady of the Night is available in the Undercovers (Collection).

My First Book at Changeling Press by Ruth D. Kerce

In the olden days--2004--when Changeling Press first hit the ebook scene, I was innocently sitting at my computer working (okay, maybe I was playing a game). And I get an “instant message” from my editor at another company.

Uh, oh. What’s wrong with my latest submission? My heart pounds and I feel the beginnings of a headache. She tells me she’s editing for CP now too and they need a romantic suspense. Fast. She knows I write suspense, so she says, “Pitch me a story right now.”

Ack! But being a professional (ahem), I pitch a story. The response. Nothing. Silence. Were we disconnected? Getting no response from an editor isn’t what an author ever wants to experience. I’m hearing a death knell in the background.

“Or...” I say and quickly pitch another story called “Streetwalker Cop.” She says, “That’s it! Expand it and send it in.”  I’m now sitting there stunned. What happened? I think I just got picked up by another publisher.  I let out a giggle.

Furiously, I work to expand the story about a police woman working undercover as a streetwalker and submit. The story was retitled “Lady of the Night.”

The editor and publisher then ask, “There’s more to the story, right?” Um, maybe. They said, yep, it’s a series or a serial. Okay. I hadn’t planned it that way, but I love the characters and more stories are always better. So, “Lady of the Night” became the 1st in a 4-novella serial called UNDERCOVERS.

And that was the beginning. It’s been great to be with Changeling Press for 10 years and I look forward to many more years to come.

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