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Interview with Daka from Nobody Rides for Free by Sara Jay

What kind of job do you have?
I suppose you could say I am a jack of all trades. Is that not the phrase you humans use? I serve my Queen and my beloved, Sinn.

Describe yourself in three words.
Strong. Faithful. Frustrated.

Who is your love interest?
Sinn is my soul mate, but we are forbidden from mating until our Queen deems it our time. It is… very difficult… at times to obey our Law but I follow the Queen’s orders. Sinn has more trouble than I do…

List three things about Sinn that turn you on.
Her silky black hair. Her golden skin. Although it is against our rules, I admit that I am turned on by Sinn’s refusal to obey. It is quite sexy.

Would you call yourself golden or a bad boy/girl?
I proudly serve my Queen as a loyal and faithful warrior of the Fae folk. I am definitely the golden boy. Sinn, as her name implies, is the bad girl.

What's one thing about Sinn that pisses you off?
It is beyond me to refuse my beloved of anything she wishes. When she attempts to seduce me and break our Laws I cannot stand it. There are many times when I nearly lost my reserve to her sexy plots. Luckily for me, Sinn has found another way for us to find pleasure without breaking the Laws: with humans.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Find humans to play with along with my beloved. It all started in the story below…

Would you share the blurb from your story?
Sinn hissed as Daka hit the brakes hard. "What the hell is the matter with you?" Her fangs barely touched the tip of her bottom lip as her dark eyes shone icily at him. She lifted her face up from his crotch where she'd been only seconds before and waited for his explanation.

Daka turned his face toward her, his pale green skin glowing under the setting sun. "I am not doing it anymore. This is not right."

They had been down this road before, quite literally. Their annual pilgrimage to the western shrine served as a duty most Fae shared. If they were to gain permission from the queen to finally be able to unite as one forever, as all moshinis, or soul mates, were expected to do, Sinn and Daka would continue the tradition until they received their blessing.

Daka prided himself on being a good Faery, honorable and pious to their queen. He insisted that they wait for her blessing before fully uniting with Sinn, no matter how much he loved her, wanted her. He would be willing to hibernate in a glacier -- indeed, he had, one year -- rather than soil their bodies, and spoil their homage and union.

Sinn, however, couldn't care less about such old traditions. Times had changed. Her own parents hadn't waited to mate before their union. As a result, they had to pay extra tribute in both blood and gold, and they had to sacrifice every third Faery child they bore throughout their lives to the queen. But overall, they were happy.

She felt like she could die from waiting to be one with Daka. After two thousand years, a Faery had to have her needs fulfilled. "Daka," she crooned, which sometimes worked in at least getting his hands on her, "let me please you. You know you want me to put my mouth on you again."

"That was a mistake!" Daka's forehead broke out in sweat, which she considered adorable. Normally only humans reacted this way, but she knew he struggled with his own desire for her.

Its unfairness drove them both mad. They were so frustrated from their lack of physical release that the Earth often suffered for it. Sinn realized certain volcanoes she'd made erupt were meant to remain dormant, and she knew that poor Daka never intended to cause the forest fires that often raged in accordance with his temper.

Of course, their queen didn't care about such things; after all, they only impacted humans. The lives of her own court, which she wished to control, were important enough for her attention.

If only they had some way to find release -- just once in a while -- without breaking the covenant.

"What if... what if we found another way?" she asked him, eyes still round and black, hungry for him.
She saw his steely wing quiver where it tucked around his back, the metallic scratch giving her goose bumps. If that wing could be wrapped around her body as it writhed beneath his...

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