Monday, May 19, 2014

Decadent Decade Monday - Almost a Decade by B.J. McCall

Changeling Press is celebrating 10 years of great books. I'm B.J. McCall and I’m almost a Changeling decade author. My first book with Changeling was published in 2005. I’ve experienced a number of firsts since I’ve been with Changeling.

My writing journey began with Kate Douglas. We were friends and critique partners before we were published. I was writing for another E-publishing company when I lost my editor to a new publisher, Changeling Press. Kate was writing for Changeling and I really missed my editor, Sheri.

The years with Changeling have marked many firsts in my career. My first shapeshifter book, Lycaon Moon, was a real milestone. Seems I have a thing for fur and launched my werewolf Moonlust series. My most recent book in the series is Moonstuck. It’s definitely time to add to the series.

I wrote my first Christmas book for Changeling and every year I look forward to participating in the annual series. Santa Six was part of the Christmas Cookies series. Six years later, Merry Mate, was one of the 2013 Red Velvet books. Holiday books are fun and last year when Changeling put out the call for Halloween books for the multi-author Trick Or Treat series, I wrote Demon Treat.

Shapeshifter books are challenging. You have all the elements of a romance novel, including the sensual relationship, but must add the paranormal shifter components.  The author must make fur, fangs and tails appealing. I think I’ve accomplished that with my werewolves, but I was ready for a new challenge, dragons.

Now I had to tackle fire, smoke, horns, scales, talons and wings. My first dragonshifter was the heroine of Heartfire. My next dragon book was Kiss of Fire for Changeling’s Bedtime Stories series.  I was hooked on dragons and began my Dragonfire series. Last March book number five, Caught, was released.

Many authors choose to write in one genre, but for me the challenge of writing sci-fi, urban fantasy, vampires, werewolves, dragons, demons, angels, hellhounds and ghosts is just too exciting. To the owners, artists and the employees of Changeling Press, my sincere thanks. To my editor, Sheri, who has inspired and guided me along the way, bless you. I can do it all at Changeling and what a ride it has been.

B.J.’s books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Changeling Press and ARe 

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