Monday, May 05, 2014

Decadent Decade Monday - Changeling Past with Sharon Maria Bidwell

Changeling is celebrating 10 years of great books. I'm B.J. McCall and I'll be journeying to Changeling Past and revisiting the first books of my fellow Changeling authors. You're invited to travel with me. Today the imaginative Sharon Maria Bidwell is telling us about her first Changeling book, Nights in Pink Satin.

My first book for Changeling, Nights in Pink Satin, was based on fact. The story came about owing to a news article of all things. I’m in touch with other British authors and on occasion we share information, help each other with queries, and sometimes point out news articles or stories of interest that may serve as inspiration. This news item was the story of refuse collection made interesting because the crew of the dustcart came across an abandoned coffin. Although the article didn’t elaborate, I could picture them standing around scratching their heads wondering where it had come from and what they should do with it. The satin lining was red, but I thought in the photograph it looked a little pink. Who would abandon a coffin? A vampire? And why would it have a pink lining? As happens in many instances, the idea clicked in my head.

Vincent is a well-known vampire among his kind. Part of his ‘duties’ is to run an annual cotillion. For the formal ball he usually has a new coffin created and during his search for a new choice of lining, he comes across a bolt of pink fabric. The shop owner tells him it was special order. Determined to find out who would order such a bright bolt of pink fabric, he comes across Martin…

When a simple mistake leads to explosive passion, what’s a vampire to do but look forward to a future of gay nights between sheets of pink satin?

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