Monday, May 12, 2014

Decadent Decade Monday - Changeling Past with B.J. McCall

Changeling is celebrating 10 years of great books. I'm B.J. McCall and I've been journeying to Changeling Past and revisiting the first books of my fellow Changeling authors. Now I’d like to tell you about my first Changeling book, Dark Ecstasy.

I’ve always been a fan of sci-fi, both movies and books. Writing sci-fi really stirs my imagination. I wonder about the future of space exploration and the establishment of settlements in new worlds. As man extends his reach into space, commercial enterprise will follow. The first artificial object in space was Sputnik. A lot has changed since 1957. Now, hundreds of satellites orbit our planet.

My muse was in orbit. I imagined a commercial space station, an adults only Vegas in outer space with hotels, restaurants and clubs offering special off-planet services. In my first Changeling book, Dark Ecstasy, the space station is Helos and the hottest club is Xs. But even a contained environment like Helos would require law enforcement. My futuristic Galactic Enforcement Agency is better known by its nickname, Cosmic Cops. I had my setting. Now, I needed great characters.

My heroine, Captain Isabet Renard, is a Cosmic Cop. She’s just landed every cop’s fantasy beat – Club Xs, the most successful adult pleasure playground in the galaxy. Isa loves her job, but the best part of her new assignment comes after hours – Dark Ecstasy.

I had my heroine. Now, I needed a hero. Ander Slade, an ex-cosmic cop, is the commander of Helos. Everyone working on Helos knows Slade, but even a hard working commander is entitled to his private pleasure – Dark Ecstasy.

So what is Dark Ecstasy? It’s the perfect service to fulfill Isa’s fantasy and the secret pleasure that brings Slade coming back for more. Try it. You’ll like it.

Dark Ecstasy was my first Changeling book and it was just the beginning.  Thanks Changeling for a great decade.

Dark Ecstasy is available in Ebook and in the Cosmic Cops Collection.

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