Monday, July 21, 2014

Decadent Decade Monday - Bedtime Stories Box Set

If you missed the great Bedtime Stories books, now is the perfect time to read them. Seven great stories - One Box Set.
Bedtime Stories Publishing in no way represents any actual publishing company. Any resemblance to the staff and authors of Changeling Press is purely coincidental.

That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Troll's Blog by Shelby Morgen

This story's about how Sam saved Troll's Blog by coming up with one of the coolest ideas ever. Bedtime Stories Publishing...

Beyond Boundaries by Hunter Raines

Bedtime Stories' webmaster Carter Roth has two great passions: his work, and his lover, Brody Mann. So when he learns someone's hacked into his precious website, Carter is determined to track down the culprit and make him pay!

Kiss of Fire by B.J. McCall

Editor Claire Casson is on the run. The last thing she wants or needs in her life is the complication of an alpha dragon capable of setting her blood on fire.

Ugly Duckling by Lena Austin

Jean-Paul, incubus editor, has been assigned a new author. Dominick may be a fantastic author, but when he gets aroused, he turns into a real ogre...

Pixie's Playmate by Anne Kane

When review coordinator Pixie calls reviewer B.J. Smith into the office to discuss a bad review, she finds out "she" is two males. Very drool-worthy males.

Shut Up! by Marteeka Karland

Callie, the Bedtime Stories mascot, is about to get all the loving she can handle... if she can just shut up.

Raising Caine by Renee George

Brad, the warehouse manager, revisits the past with a steamy confrontation with the man who broke his heart twenty years earlier.


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