Monday, July 14, 2014

Decadent Decade Monday - Werewolves by B.J. McCall

I’m often asked which genre is my favorite to write and paranormal is at the top of my list. Like many of you, I love werewolves. The shifter genre has come a long way since the 1941 classic film, The Wolfman. My werewolves aren’t cursed figures that transform and stalk innocent villagers while the moon is full. My werewolves are productive citizens like cops, soldiers, reporters and pack leaders. They live in a world ruled by pack law as well as human law.

I write books about werewolves living in contemporary times. I was fascinated by the werewolf social issues of falling in love and finding the perfect alpha mate while dealing with the structure of pack law, clan life and mating rules. My stories are romances that deal with the complexities of those laws. The elders rule the pack and their decisions have the impact of a supreme court. Any werewolves defying the elders and pack law must suffer the consequences of their actions.

Lycaon Moon was my first werewolf book and I wrote it for Changeling Press. I had written contemporary and sci-fi stories, but not a paranormal, shiftshaper, werewolf book. It was exciting writing about fur, fangs and howling at the moon. Lycaon Moon is special for me. My werewolf hero and heroine, Kane and Veda, are characters close to my heart.

I was hooked on werewolves and have written several more for Changeling Press.
Lycaon Moon is available is a box set of three werewolf stories titled, LUNAR ECLIPSE.

The box set includes Lycaon Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Mark of the Moon.

Alpha wolves feel the power of the moon, but the heart surrenders to no rule but its one true mate.

Lycaon Moon: Veda has left the pack, rejecting its edicts, its laws and the lycan rituals. The last thing she wants in her life is an alpha wolf and since leaving the pack, she’s refused to run beneath the Lycaon Moon. Kane’s been gone for three years, but he’s back and determined to mate with Veda.

Lunar Eclipse: The pack elders order Violet Winter to choose a mate by the conclusion of the lunar eclipse. Violet wants to mate for love and in defiance of their edict seduces an unacceptable half-breed. Canon Ross is establishing his place in his mother’s pack until he’s seduced by a she-wolf, but the flames ignited aren’t easily extinguished and Canon refuses to be dismissed.

Mark of the Moon: The mark of the moon prophecy ordains that Ivy Ward must mate with the werewolf bearing a birthmark similar to the one she bears, a crescent shaped moon. Lodan Hunt bears the Mark, but there is far more to this prophecy than a preordained mate.

The Lunar Eclipse Box Set available at

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