Thursday, May 14, 2009

CONTEST - Win a Star Spinner!

Contest Announcement!

The second book in the Stargazer series,  Stargazers 2: Willful, is coming to Changeling Press May 15th, and in honor of the heroine, Jazlyn, I'm giving away this awesome Star spinner.



It is 8inches tall and when the wind catches it, it sparkles!


All you have to do is email me with CONTEST in the subject line, and you're entered to win.





I'll announce the winner at the Changeling Bar and Grill on May 17th. Good luck to everyone!






Series: Stargazers

Title: Willful

ISBN (13): 978-1-60521- 180-0

Genres:  Futuristic, Paranormal, Sci-Fi

Themes: Menage, Magic and Mayhem

Release Date:  May 15, 2009

Author: Anne Kane

http://www.annekane .literalseductio

Publisher URL  Changeling Press - Erotic Fiction









Born both a Stargazer and Daughter-Heir to the throne of New Zanadles, Jazlyn is used to a life of pampered luxury. But when the planet runs into financial trouble, her father agrees to bind her to a five-year term of service aboard a vessel with two very virile interplanetary merchants.

Her leisurely life is replaced by a whirlwind of Intergalactic Council intrigues and the lusty attentions of her new employers, but when space pirates attack, a routine delivery turns into a deadly struggle for control of the ship.



She cleared her throat, suddenly nervous. Bryce looked up and caught her glance, holding her in place with a look while he slowly circled the table and took her hand in his. He drew her hard up against him and she could feel the barely restrained power in his grip. He framed her face with his hands, tilting her head back. His eyes were liquid pools of lust, mesmerizing her. A rush of heat raced through her, pooling in her belly, and she swallowed, hard. For the first time in her life, she felt herself losing control. She'd felt lust before, used it to boost her abilities, but never this raw urgency, this craving that had every nerve in her body on edge.

He was so big, so hard, so… male.

And she wanted him with every fiber of her being.

Bryce lowered his head and his lips brushed across hers in a feather light caress that sent erotic flames licking across the surface of her skin. His tongue came out to tease, tasting and tempting until she opened her mouth with a small sigh, surrendering to the inevitable.

He engulfed her lips, and his hands brushed the material of her top off her shoulders, baring her chest to his warm, questing hands while his tongue invaded her mouth. He cupped her breasts in hands that seemed to know exactly what she wanted, what she needed. She moaned and leaned into his hard body as he tweaked one tender nipple between thumb and forefinger, causing a liquid heat to dampen her pussy.

His lips left her mouth, and he nibbled his way down her cheek to her throat, burying his face in the tender hollow while he grazed his teeth across her rapidly beating pulse.

She gasped as a second set of hands circled her from behind. Tyler! She'd been so intent on Bryce that she'd totally forgotten they weren't alone in the room. Trapped between the two hard male bodies, she felt small and very feminine. She arched her back, rubbing her bare breasts against Bryce while Tyler fumbled with the fastenings on her leggings, his breath hot on the back of her neck.

"Looks like we got ourselves a Stargazer sandwich," he drawled as he managed to undo the last of the laces holding the leggings up.

"Mmmmm. And it's quite tasty." Bryce nipped playfully at her breast. "Pity we don't have any sauce to spice it up."

"Oh, I'm thinking it's going to be spicy enough with a little help from us." Tyler hooked his thumbs in the waist of the leggings and skimmed them down over her hips. "I'm betting she tastes as good as she smells."

Bryce swirled his tongue around one taut nipple, and Jazlyn sucked in a deep breath as scalding tongues of lust ran down her spine. He sucked the tender tip into his mouth and feasted on it, now suckling, now scoring the tender bud with his teeth. He looked up at her, his eyes shining darkly. God, she could drown in those gorgeous eyes. She brought her hands up between them, palms flat on his rock-hard chest.

And all the while Tyler's hands roamed across her body. Caressing. Stroking. Exploring. She shouldn't be enjoying it this much, the feel of four hands caressing her, two mouths licking, sucking, nibbling on her heated flesh.







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