Monday, May 18, 2009

Renato's Dragon Book Trailer/Promo

Done by the wonderfully talented Lizzie Lynn Lee (author of the Shunga Chronicles, Out Now at Changeling Press!): com/watch? v=JJ9ZZLGGBIY

Renato's Dragon, Out Now at Changeling Press!


She left him…

Renato's world shattered when his fiancée Magda disappeared. He buried himself in family, work and meaningless flings. Nothing filled the void in his life, and he could never forget the only woman he's ever loved.

She's back…

Magda was given a choice: her brother or her love. In order to find her lost brother, she had to give up Renato. She made a choice, one she has always regretted. She could never forget the man she left behind.

Now she's been ordered to kill him. Their lives are about to collide, secrets are about to be exposed, and danger waits in the shadows.

Will they survive when the dust settles?


Buy Link:

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