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Dance Wars: Last Night Stand by Sophia Titheniel

Dance Wars 4: Last Night Stand
by Sophia Titheniel

Cover art by ReneƩ George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-151-0
Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Dark Fantasy
Theme(s): Werewolves, Gay and Lesbian
Series: Dance Wars
Length: Novella

It’s been a year since Lachlan first set foot in the Chlodwig -- and set his eyes on Adair. What started as a down and dirty one-night stand has grown into something more, but what they have can’t last forever -- not when their lives are so diametrically opposed. Knowing Adair won’t listen to any reasoning of his, and he’s not ready to take that step that will take him away from his life as scavenger and dance warrior, Lachlan decides it’s time to take action.
It’s a win all, lose all bet when Lachlan walks in the Chlodwig with a crew of his own, challenging Adair in a dance fight that will either cost him his lover, or win him forever...


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Lachlan wakes up first. The light filters through the half closed blinds, and he blinks, stretching lazily, like a cat. Adair’s lying on his back, still naked, the sheet barely hanging in there, covering his lower body. Lachlan pushes himself up on his elbows, looking down at Adair with a half-formed smile.
Adair’s dark hair is messy and damp with sweat. Lachlan strokes it back off his face, lingering on the prickle of stubble along his jaw line. He wishes it were so easy. He looks up at the flickering lights and sighs, placing a quiet kiss over the curve of Adair’s hair before trying to stand up.
His back gives Lachlan a very strong signal that once again, riding the bike is going to be a motherfucking bitch for the rest of the week, but instead of cursing a blue streak as he would usually do, he brings his fingers around, feeling the burn of Adair’s presence between his butt cheeks.
Christ, he can feel himself hardening already. Every time he has to leave, it feels like he’s ripping something out of his chest. He pulls his fingers out and whimpers softly at the loss. He has to get going; he can’t linger. He stands and wobbles to his jeans, but before he can slide them on, strong, firm hands wrap around his hips, and he’s pulled back against a solid, sculpted body.
“Not even a goodbye kiss?” Adair whispers roughly in his ear.
Lachlan grins. “Goodbye kisses turn mostly into goodbye fucks,” he murmurs, pushing back against him, relishing in the closeness.
“Never heard you complain before.”
Lachlan shakes his head lightly, his smile lazy. “You’re pretty decent, I’ll give you that.”
Adair’s growl is playful, but he still bites down on the curve of Lachlan’s shoulder, whipping him around and pushing him up against the small chest of drawers Lachlan tossed his clothes over in his frenzy.
“What about -- ah,” Lachlan moans, immediately spreading his legs wide open to accommodate Adair between them. “What about security and…”
Whatever else Lachlan might have wanted to say is lost in a moan. Adair grabs his hips and pulls him close, grinding their groins together. Adair chuckles and sucks on Lachlan’s neck. There’s nothing that gets Lachlan hot faster than Adair’s mouth on his neck, his teeth sinking deep into the tissue of Lachlan’s skin. Lachlan groans and jerks forward, his cock now fully erect and rubbing deliciously against the groove of Adair’s hip.
Adair’s mouth travels from Lachlan’s neck down to his chest. Lachlan wraps his legs around Adair’s back, yanking him closer. “Come on!” Lachlan fists his hands in Adair’s hair. Their mouths mash together as Lachlan ruts up against him, already lost in his blatant need.
“Fuck, what is it that you do to me?” Adair groans, nudging at Lachlan’s chin.
Lachlan grins, shaky, his fingernails sinking into the muscles of Adair’s shoulder as he leans back, his ass jutting out on the edge of the drawers, rubbing teasingly over the plum-shaped head of Adair’s dick. “Pretty much what you do to me,” he whispers, his body shaking with a shiver when Adair’s dick slides between his butt cheeks.
Adair grunts and moves one hand up Lachlan’s thigh, finding his hole and thrusting one finger up to the knuckle. Lachlan is still open and raw from the night before, and he whimpers, his forehead falling against Adair’s shoulder as he wills his body to relax.
Adair mouths his way down to Lachlan’s chest, sucking one nipple as he moves his finger in and out of Lachlan’s body, each thrust earning a whimper from Lachlan’s bitten-red lips.
Lachlan groans and clutches at Adair’s biceps, his eyes squeezed shut. The pain prickles down his spine, adding to the edge of his arousal. Lachlan’s cock is hard and curved against his belly, pressed between his and Adair’s abs, pre-come making the friction hotter, sweeter.
“Can I?” Adair murmurs, his voice low, adding another finger to the knuckle.
Lachlan’s heart skips a beat. Adair rarely, if ever, asks anything of the sort. It’s like a dollop of warm honey dropping onto his tongue. He nods, shakily, but doesn’t say a word. His voice would betray the butterflies flying wild in his stomach.
Adair pulls back, laying a kiss on Lachlan’s lips before pulling his fingers out, arranging Lachlan’s legs over his shoulders as he lines himself up.
Lachlan forces his eyes open and stares into Adair’s face, feeling himself float as a rush of sensation hits him, as if he’s on a rollercoaster. He tries to keep staring but as Adair’s huge dick sinks into him, his eyes roll back and he lets out a long, guttural groan, head thumping against Adair’s forehead as he pants, harsh, ragged breaths blowing against Adair’s lips.
“So hot,” Adair groans, nibbling on Lachlan’s lower lip as he grabs his hips, pulling him into his thrust. “Gorgeous. Mine.”
Lachlan keens, grabbing a handful of Adair’s hair. “More, Adair, please. Please.”
Adair nods, shushing Lachlan with a powerful kiss, their teeth clashing together with muffled groans. He pulls out completely, then slams back in, the chest of drawers rattling noisily against the wall as the force of Adair’s thrust sends Lachlan reeling. Lachlan’s feet dangle helplessly against Adair’s back, his moans growing louder and louder as Adair picks up the pace, each thrust harder and faster than the one before.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Adair chants, gripping Lachlan as he guides him down on his dick with each roll of his hips. Lachlan whimpers, clinging to Adair’s back, arching into his touch as Adair hoists Lachlan’s legs further up his shoulders, spreading him wider and hitting Lachlan’s prostate.
Lachlan cries out sharply, his whole body seizing, hot tingles curling up at the base of his spine and spreading through his body with every forceful push. He tries to rock back on Adair’s dick, but he nearly falls off the chest of drawers, his ankles crossing at the back of Adair’s neck for support, hands gripping tight, slippery with sweat, as he tries to keep his balance.
The sharp movement has Adair sinking in even deeper, his balls slapping against the back of Lachlan’s ass, breathy moans the only added sound in the tiny room as Adair’s hips snap in a staccato rhythm. “Adair,” Lachlan groans, his mouth open in a silent O. “Adair -- ah -- ah --”
Lachlan’s whole body tightens painfully as his orgasm rushes through him, robbing him of breath. Everything whitens, pleasure sizzling through his veins as Adair keeps ramming into him, every thrust matched by the continuous thump, thump, thump of the chest of drawers against the wall.
“Come on,” Lachlan moans, yanking Adair’s face up to pant against his mouth, their tongues meeting halfway. “Come -- on -- Adair --”
With a grunt, Adair pulls Lachlan bodily off the chest and impales him on his dick, making both of them cry out at the sensation. Adair comes, shooting messy and hot in Lachlan’s ass, holding him up as they both shake with release.
Lachlan whimpers and clings to Adair, his body shaking with the aftershocks. Adair holds him up, his were strength helping him to keep balance.
They stumble backwards onto the bed, Adair hitting the mattress first, Lachlan falling on top of him with an ooomphf. Adair smiles -- Lachlan can feel it underneath his cheek. He lifts his head a few inches, feeling boneless and sated, and pushes back Adair’s sweaty hair. “I don’t think I can ride anywhere now.”
Adair snorts, his hands trailing down Lachlan’s back, over the rounded curve of his ass. “Guess you can’t.”
“Sneaky motherfucker,” Lachlan grins, sitting up far enough to kiss him. It’s slow and quiet, at complete odds with the intense orgasm they just shared. Adair pulls out and hoists Lachlan higher on his chest.
Lachlan’s smile fades as Adair’s eyes slowly flutter closed. This is going to kill him at some point, either because he misses Adair so much he does something stupid, or because the scavengers catch him. Lachlan sighs and closes his eyes, resting his head on Adair’s chest, his heartbeat lulling him to sleep. He needs to do something, and do it soon.

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