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Tartan Mind by Selena Illyria

Tartan Mind
by Selena Illyria

Cover art by ReneƩ George
ISBN: 978-1-60521-203-6
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Interracial, Werewolves
Series: Tartan Werewolves
Length: Novella

Kameron Conroy doesn't like dealing with mortals, so he's startled by the sudden urge to protect Lexi James when she comes into his pub. An attack from a werewolf leads to a passionate encounter before Lexi rushes off without a goodbye. Five years later they meet again at Conall's wedding and have another steamy hook-up.
Lexi was running away from her family when she met Kameron. Now she's back in Scotland and has taken the position of town librarian. When her ex breaks into her home, Kameron is there to save her but at a great cost to him.
Kameron has lost control of his mental abilities. Saving Lexi caused him to become trapped in his own mind. Can Lexi find help for him? Will they overcome his past wounds to be together?


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

“Fine, you don’t want me here, I’m going.” Kameron Conroy grabbed his leather jacket off of a nearby chair and walked to the door. No one stopped him. Not his father or any of his siblings. It hurt but he was used to it. He was the only evidence of his mother’s affair, the only imperfect wolf of the pack, and his father hated imperfection. It was like a spot in the middle of a mirror that just wouldn’t be wiped away. Pulling on the coat, he opened the door and walked out into the cool, crisp Scottish night. The stars were bright against the black velvet sky, the moon only half full in her orb.
His wolf whimpered within him, wanting to be let out. “Not yet, boy, not until we’re far, far away from this place.”
Kameron yanked open the door of his jeep, pausing to take one last look at the place he used to call home. As always, the imposing brick structure looked cold and uninviting, just like his father.
Kameron got into the vehicle, started it and took off, tires spraying tiny bits of gravel and stone into the air. At first he wasn’t sure where he was going or what he would do when he got there. After forty minutes of driving, he pulled into his favorite pub’s parking lot and shut off the engine.
Exhaling deeply, he didn’t immediately unbuckle his seat belt. Instead he rested his head on the seat and closed his eyes, his father’s words echoing in his head. You’re a disgrace. You’ve always been a spot on this family’s pristine history, a mistake. Now do us all a favor, and just leave. Save us the trouble of kicking you out of the pack.
Now he had no pack, no family. Despite the fact that he always felt that he could handle being alone, he needed a pack for protection. A lone werewolf was easier to pick off than one with backup. Out of frustration he hit the steering wheel of the car and let out a growl. Anger surged up within him hot and strong. “Damn him. Damn them all, elitist bastards. Just because Mother got tired of being a trophy and wanted love, she slept with a telepath. So what? It’s better than inbreeding.”
He hit the steering wheel one last time before climbing out of the car. He didn’t bother locking the door. “If they want to steal this piece of shite go ahead. I’ll just track them down. Nice way to work off aggression.”
His boots crunched on the gravel as he made his way to the entrance of the pub. Erecting his mental shields, he pushed open the door and stepped into the small meeting place. Head down, he made his way to the bar, hoping to get three sheets to the wind drunk. His red hair obscured the room around him. The scent of stale beer, cigarette smoke, sweat and perfume hung in the air.
All he saw was the wooden floor. He got to the bar, not bothering to look up. He could smell Brody’s cologne, letting him know he was dealing with a friend who wouldn’t ask too many questions. “The usual and keep it coming.”
“Rough night I take it. All right, your usual table is open but a word of advice: be careful.”
Brody’s words made him look up. “Why?”
Brody gestured for him to look around. Kameron’s head turned and he swore. Women were everywhere. Only three men were in the room, all huddled in a corner, nursing pints of their own. “Ladies’ night, man. Will’s idea to drum up business.”
“Is he daft?”
Brody laughed, “You know Will. What do you think?”
Kameron’s shoulders sank. He didn’t want to have to deal with anyone. Ladies’ night meant women either tipsy or all out drunk, looking for some action or someone to torment and tease. Kameron didn’t want to be the target for anyone’s fun, not with the mood he was in. “Just make sure they stay away from me.”
Brody shrugged. “I can try, mate, but I can’t guarantee it.”
“Whatever.” Kameron headed for his usual table and sat down. Head bowed he concentrated on studying the wooden planks that made up the tabletop. He heard giggling and tried to ignore it. More giggles and then the scent of lilacs filled the air around him, nearly choking him with the strong odor.
“Hey, love, we were just wondering.” The woman’s husky tone chafed Kameron’s nerves. “Does the carpet match the curtains?”
The woman’s hoarse laugh made him snap. He looked up and growled. “Get the fuck away from me.”
The woman’s eyes went wide. She held up her hands and slowly backed away. “Fine, fine, you don’t have to be an arsehole about it.” The woman turned around, her hair slapping him in the face. Kameron looked over at the bar, seeking out Brody. Brody was engaged with a woman who looked like she had just come in from the rain. Her clothes were dripping wet and stuck to her body like cellophane. Kameron rose and made his way to the bar. He needed another drink, now.
“Please, I need to use your phone. My car is stalled on the side of the road.” The sound of the woman’s soft voice made Kameron’s heart squeeze and his breath catch. A feeling of light-headedness overcame him. His cock twitched as heat pooled in his stomach, scorching hot. His mental shields dropped quickly and everyone’s thoughts invaded his head.
He’s so gorgeous. I wonder what’s wrong with him, a brunette sitting at the bar commented.
What an arsehole, I was only having a bit of fun with him. This from the woman who had just approached him.
Where are all the men? I need to get laid. This pub is ridiculous, thought a blonde in the corner.
I need to get to my hotel. I’m so tired and cold, the woman talking to Brody thought wearily.
Kameron quickly brought his shields back up and composed himself as best he could. Placing his elbows on the bar, he concentrated on waiting patiently for Brody’s attention. His cock pressed against his zipper in response to the woman before him. Out of the corner of his eye, Kameron took in the mocha skin slick from the rain. Her hair was coming out of the topknot on her head in curling strands that framed her oval face. She reached up and pushed her glasses back on her nose with a delicate finger. Based on how short she was compared to Brody, Kameron guessed her to be about five foot three. Her face was free of makeup. The pleading look in her eyes tugged at his heartstrings.
“I’ll call someone. Where is the car?”
“On the side of the road about a mile outside of town.”
“You walked all the way here? In the dark?” Brody asked incredulously.
Kameron focused his full attention on the woman, his body turning toward her. She looked down and fidgeted with the umbrella in her hand. “I… I had to. I need to get to my hotel.”
“Jesus, I’ll call a cab to take you to your hotel and call the towing company for your car. You stay put,” Brody ordered.
“I can’t. All my things are in there.” Before he could stop her, she turned and dashed out of the bar. As the bar door closed, Kameron caught the sound of thunder rolling overhead and heavy rain hitting the ground.
“Fuck, she shouldn’t be out there alone. That’s O’Connell territory. I pity her if any one of those bastards gets a hold of her.”
Kameron’s heart stopped. He took off toward the door. Brody called after him, demanding to know why he was going after her. Kameron didn’t know, but his instincts were screaming for him to protect her. Outside, the rain was coming down so hard and fast it was like trying to look through opaque glass. The moon was hidden behind thick, dark clouds. He didn’t see her anywhere. Kameron rushed to his car and tore out of the parking lot as though the devil were on his heels.

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