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Catari Heat Collectioon by Kyla Logan

Catari Heat (Collection)
by Kyla Logan

Cover art by Angela Knight
ISBN: 978-1-60521-341-5
Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Collections
Theme(s): Shapeshifters
Length: Collection

It was to be their last mission -- until a crash landing on a mysterious, remote planet leads to the adventure of a lifetime.
Leah owes her life to the mysterious being who calls himself Darius. He claims she's his promised mate. When Ashley awakens from her healing sleep she finds the two men of her dreams at her side.
A rescue mission. Garrick, alpha of the Lioni pack, has finally found Kira. The seer, Jilla, instantly recognises Keevan, as well.
Catari. A world inhabited by powerful shapeshifters -- sleek feline predators. Nothing will keep them from claiming their mates.
This collection contains the previously released Catari Heat series novellas, New Beginnings, Double the Pleasure, and Mate Fever. This collection is also available in print.

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"I can't believe this is going to be our last mission ever, Ash. It's not fair that we have to stop flying once we're mated, but males can keep on piloting," Leah said for about the thousandth time.
"I hate it as much as you, but we have to accept it. Don't give me that look." Ashley turned away to look at her control panel.
"I know. Sorry. I don't know what is wrong with me. I haven't been sleeping well. I wish I had more time to get to know Jason before we're mated." Leah sighed and turned back to her instrument panel, buckling herself into her harness. "Prepare to come out of leeway."
Leah slowed the shuttle down as they approached the planet. "Orbit is stabilised," announced the voice of the onboard computer.
Ashley unclipped her harness and moved around her control panel, ready to start collecting readings. "I don't believe this."
Leah turned around, worried by the shaky tone in Ashley's voice. She was staring at the planet in front of them with a stunned expression on her face. Raising one hand she pointed at the screen. "That is the planet I have been dreaming of, I am sure of it."
"How is that possible? I thought you were just having erotic dreams." Leah turned back to look at the planet, wondering why Ash had dreamed of a place she'd never seen before.
The computer blared out a warning. "Instrument failure, orbit destabilising."
"Get yourself buckled up again," Leah shouted as they fought to stabilise the shuttle, but the situation was hopeless. One way or another they were landing on the surface of this planet.
* * *
Leah groaned as she came to. Her head pounded, her sides ached. The pain made it hard to concentrate, to remember what had happened, to figure out where she was.
Curls of smoke rose and bright sparks shot from the damaged wires and circuit boards. The burning smell stung her nose as she unclipped the safety harness holding her in the pilot's chair and carefully stood up, holding her sore ribs as she did. When the shuttle crashed, she'd been flung forward in the safety harness. Although it had saved her from serious injury it had bruised her sides.
"Ashley!" Leah shouted.
What a mess! Anything that hadn't been secured was scattered all over the floor. Stepping over the ruined equipment as quickly as she could, she headed to the back of the shuttle looking for Ashley.
Leah found her friend beside the damaged control panel console, one arm at an unnatural angle half in the safety harness. Kneeling by her side Leah pressed her fingers to the warm skin of her throat. There was a pulse. Weak, but still a pulse. Thank Skyla! Leah gently moved Ashley so she lay flat on the floor of the shuttle. Straightening Ashley's arm as much as she could, she made her as comfortable as possible for the moment, but her friend needed help and fast.
Taking a deep breath, she willed herself to focus. Picking her way through the wreckage, she made her way to the storage compartments for the mediKit. Rounding the corner she stopped abruptly. The medi compartment door hung wide open. Bits of the mediKit lay scattered in broken pieces on the floor.
Slumping against the bulkhead, Leah closed her eyes, wondering what on Skyla she could do for Ashley now. Feeling light-headed from the pain in her ribs, she searched for something she could use to immobilise Ashley's arm, but found nothing. The mediKit would have fixed her broken bones in a second. She'd have to create a makeshift splint instead. Ripping up some of their uniforms would provide the only strapping she would be able to use as binding on a splint for the broken arm.
Moving back through the litter and debris, Leah went into the sleeping quarters. Clothing was thrown everywhere. Only after she had ripped the shirts into strips did she realise that there was nothing on board the shuttle that she could use as a splint. She remembered seeing wooded areas as the shuttle had crash-landed. Maybe she could find some sticks or branches to use outside the ship. At least she knew the atmosphere was breathable from the few readings they had been able to gather before the systems failure.
Leah made her way back to Ashley's side. Thank Skyla! Her pulse was a bit stronger, but Ashley's arm was swelling quickly. She needed to strap it as soon as possible. Going to the exit, Leah entered the combination for the door. Nothing. She tried again. Damn. It barely opened far enough for her to slip out. Wincing at the pain in her side, Leah squeezed her body through the narrow opening. Misjudging how much force she needed to use to push the door open further, she fell forwards. Screaming, her heart lurching, she tumbled through the air.
Leah gasped as she slammed into the hard body of a man. Tears came to her eyes when his strong, muscular arms came around her, causing agony. Leah opened her eyes and lifted her head off the bare chest of the man who had broken her fall. She stared down into the deepest blue eyes she’d ever seen. A woman could drown in eyes like those.
And he wasn't alone. Out of the corner of her eyes she spotted lots of feet, feet attached to long, long legs. Attempting to push herself up from the man she was sprawled across, she felt the heat and hardness of his erection.
Well, he's happy to see me, she thought, annoyed and a little frightened when he wouldn't release her. Who was he?
But more importantly why was her body responding to his? Ripples of pleasure coursed through her body, her nipples drawing into tight buds as they pressed against her uniform. Her pussy ground against the growing hardness of his cock as she stimulated it unintentionally, trying to make him release her. She took a closer look at him, trying not to let him know she was studying him intently, wanting to figure out what was causing her body to react to him in this disconcerting way.
His glossy, jet-black hair looked like silk, and it cried out for her to run her fingers through it. Where on Skyla did that thought come from? He had a firm, hard jaw and his lips were fuller than she was used to seeing on the males of her people. Strange, but on him they looked just right. His scent was musky male combined with... was that vanilla? What an unusual combination.
She had a strong feeling she could trust him; although why she felt this instinctively she didn't know. The men surrounding them all had dark hair, in varying lengths. They wore garments similar to loincloths, very brief, that left little to her imagination. Not that she needed an imagination since she was lying on one of them feeling every broad inch of him.
She pushed as firmly as she could against his shoulder again, but she could not get away from him. He was like a brick wall of muscle, only oh, so warm under her fingers. Sparks ran through her hands where she touched him.
Her pussy grew warm and wet, as if her body was preparing itself for him. Her nipples, already hard points, seemed to tighten even more as they pressed against the hard planes of his chest. She must have suffered from a concussion. That was the only logical explanation for the strange reaction of her body. She couldn't physically move him, so she decided to try to influence him by telepathy. Such actions were frowned on by her people but she was desperate to distance herself from him.
All she met was a blank spot. Leah moaned at the violent pain that shot through her head as she tried to link with his mind. What on Skyla is going on? How is he able to block me?

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