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Moonlight Madness Collection by Marilyn Lee

Moonlight Madness (Collection)
by Marilyn Lee

Cover art by Angela Knight
ISBN: 978-1-60521-339-2
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Vampires, Werewolves
Series: Bloodlust
Length: Collection

One beautiful, addictive woman. Two warring brothers prepared to fight to the death for her love.
There is no more compelling force in a vampire's life than that of bloodlust. During a difficult and prolonged Feast of Indulgence, vampire/shifter Etienne Gautier has found his perfect mate, his bloodlust, Raven Monclaire. But in order to claim her, he'll have to wrest her from the clutches of his twin brother, Acier. Etienne is determined to have Raven -- even if he has to kill Acier to get her.
The only peace and joy Acier has known during the last few years is finding his bloodlust, the beautiful but unpredictable Raven Monclaire. After a lifetime of subjugating his needs to ensure his twin, Etienne, has everything he desires, Acier learns Etienne is now demanding he relinquish Raven. A furious Acier comes to the painful realization that Etienne must die.
Only Raven can save them from themselves. But who'll rescue her?
This collection contains the previously released novellas Moonlight Madness Part 1 and Moonlight Madness Part 2. This title is available in print!

Publisher's note: Vladimir and Aleksei Madison, Palea Walker-Dumont, Tatiana Madison-Forester, Katie Dumont, Acier and Etienne Gautier, Pen and Drei, the Keddi, the Supreme Alpha, Aime Gautier and his Keddi, Dominator... If these names are unfamiliar to you, dear reader, allow me to introduce you to the world Marilyn Lee has created. You have wandered into the middle of an ongoing Vampiric soap opera that stretches across many years and several publishers. In Media Res... This is as good a place to start as any...


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Full-blood vampire Vladimir Madison paced outside the big dark RV parked in an RV court between Philadelphia and New York. An invisible barrier his twin brother Aleksei said was alive blocked his passage.
Vlad frowned. With the help of their younger sister, Katie Dumont, he and Aleksei had finally tracked down one of the twins who had been calling out to them. Aleksei had managed to penetrate the so-called living barrier. He'd been gone for what felt like hours. Left alone, Vlad's anger raged. He raked a hand over his long, dark dreads, staring with glowing eyes at the RV.
Father. We need you. You must help us or I'll be coming to call you to account for deserting us.
He sucked in a breath. Those words had haunted and tortured him since his unnamed son had whispered them into his mind weeks ago. At the time, he had no idea the individual calling out to him was his half vampire, half shifter offspring. He and Aleksei had spent what felt like an eternity searching for the twins. Each one had called out to him and Aleksei separately. The knowledge that one of the twins had been poisoned lent an air of added desperation to their search.
Vlad closed his eyes, remembering his response to his son's cry for help. Whoever you are, I await you. Now here he stood, restless and angry. Using the special bond he and Aleksei shared, Vlad reached out to his twin. A combination of joy and anguish flooded his mind. Whoever Aleksei had encountered inside presented no threat, but brought a level of pain that made Vlad ache for him.
He shook his head, impatient to be allowed inside, to see the males... the men who were his... sons. His sons. Reaching deeper, he made brief contact with the male inside, touching his mind… and felt no particular connection. That was unexpected, as well as unwelcome. Vlad had resigned himself to being a father. Yet, strangely, he did not feel like a father. Was he a father? If so, why didn't Aleksei and his sons -- no, there was only one other male inside with Aleksei -- but why didn't he come out?
Closing his eyes, Vlad reached out again, issuing a soft command.
He felt an immediate and powerful response... one that did not originate from within the RV. In fact, it seemed to come from... Vlad swung around. He found himself facing a tall male with glowing gray eyes, short dark hair, and bared incisors.
"Bastard! Filthy bastard!" The male's right hand shot out with blinding speed. Vlad tilted his head to the side. A clenched fist brushed his ear. Undeterred, the baby vamp pressed his attack. Vlad blocked a flurry of blows with his forearms before losing his temper. He lashed out with a speed of which only a centuries old vampire was capable.
Just as his fist was about to connect with the other male's face, Vlad felt a strange tightness in his chest. Something inside him told him he did not want to hurt the male in front of him. He halted his fist and danced back from the baby vamp. The two considered each other in silence for several moments.
Vlad glanced at the RV. Whatever was happening inside, Aleksei needed to be undisturbed. Vlad turned and flashed toward the surrounding park with the other vampire racing behind him. It soon became clear the baby vamp could not match his speed. Without giving himself time to wonder at his actions, Vlad slowed down, eventually stopping. He turned to face his pursuer and would-be attacker. "I am Vladimir Madison."
The other male took a deep shuddering breath. "I am Etienne Gautier and I know who you are... I know what you are."
The other vampire's voice dripped with venom. His eyes shot off hate-filled virtual stabs aimed directly at Vlad's heart. He clenched his right hand into a fist and pressed it against his chest to assuage the sudden ache there. "Who are you?"
But even as he asked the question, he knew the other male's identity. He could feel an undeniable connection to this baby vamp. It was that connection that had allowed him to stay his hand when he would have delivered a near fatal blow to the other. It was the same connection that had allowed him and this… boy to call out to each other.
This boy -- this angry baby vamp -- was his son. Vlad gasped, feeling as if the air was being sucked from his lungs. His son. While he had felt nothing for the male in the RV giving Aleksei such pain, he felt a wealth of emotion in connection with this male... his boy... his son.
Vlad allowed his incisors to ascend. He looked at his son with eyes that no longer glowed. What did one say to an adult son one had never met? How did one express an unexpected but powerful need to protect that son? The emotions assailing him were bewildering. He'd only ever felt real devotion with his elder siblings, Aleksei, Tat, and Drei... and now with this angry baby vamp.
Showing affection or consideration for anyone other than his siblings was alien to him. Yet the anger and pain he sensed in the other male tore at him, making breathing difficult. He had to do something to help his son.
Having no experience of his own on which to draw, he responded as Aleksei had to him and their younger siblings many times. He opened his arms. "I am Vladimir Madison. Come to me... my son."

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