Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday's New Reviews for Changeling Press!



New Review - DAWG TOWN: BIG DAWG - Celia Kyle

Five Lips from Two Lips Reviews


Had me laughing and snickering with mirth long after I'd finished reading, with my brain wrapped around little dawgs and the blazing heat of two hot male lovers.


New Review - BLACK STAR (Collection) - Marteeka Karland

Five Lips from Two Lips Reviews


If you aren't a fan of Marteeka Karland before reading this collection, you will be afterwards.  This is Marteeka at her very best!


New Review - SWEET OBLIVION: FLUID - Jordan Castillo Price

Four Lips from Two Lips Reviews


The sex is amazing - smokin' hot.and sprinkled with moments of tenderness that are all the more poignant for their unexpectedness.


New Review - SEX AND CHOCOLATE: TOXIC - Belinda McBride

Four & ½ Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews


Ms. McBride has written a warm and funny story, but one also filled with passion, love and hot sex.


New Review - BONDS OF THE MALERI' (Collection) - Kate Steele

Four & ½ Stars from Rainbow Reviews


These stories by Kate Steele grab you from the beginning.Each story brings a new look into the life of the Maleri' and will leave the reader wanting more.

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