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Dragon Kin: Reclaimed by Selena Illyria

Dragon Kin: Reclaimed
by Selena Illyria

Cover art by Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-60521-343-9
Genre(s): Paranormal, BDSM
Theme(s): Interracial, BBW, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures
Series: Dragon Kin (Multi Author)
Length: Novella

Control is essential for a dragon. Fiery breath, knife-sharp nails, and teeth that can shred a human in moments.
The day Brenton lost control is the day he ran from the one woman who can complete him, his fire companion. Now he's back and he's going to reclaim Sky Lilly forever and always.


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

There she was on her knees, like a good little sub. Sky Lilly was blindfolded, her hands bound behind her back in the fur-lined cuffs he'd picked out. The best part of it all was that she was naked. Every inch of her milk chocolate skin was exposed to his hungry gaze. Fire blazed through his veins as his cock hardened and pressed against the butter-soft suede of his pants. He had to take a deep breath in order to keep himself from going to her and fucking her senseless. His scales rippled under his skin, and his dragon pawed the space between them, begging silently to be let out.
Soulerrrrr, it purred in its gruff voice. Soul mate.
Ours, Brenton replied. He made his way further into the room, trying to keep as much space between them as possible. His dragon was already too close to the surface for it to be safe for her. Puffs of silvery smoke floated within view as arousal built inside of him. Desire skittered up and down his spine. His balls throbbed as the need to mate increased. His bones expanded and retracted, setting off sparks of pain.
Stop, he commanded his dragon. We cannot shift here. It would scare our mate.
The dragon paused. Claim later, it rasped.
Yes, later. Now go.
The dragon retreated deep into Brenton and he felt his body settle back into its human frame. The aches and pains faded away until Brenton could breathe without blowing out smoke. He began moving around the room, keeping her in sight as he selected his implements of pleasure for tonight. Sky had made a special request, and he had agreed to give it to her.
She wanted to be ridden hard tonight and not have him hold back. He would be more than pleased to give this to her. Yes, he had broken the rules, his rules, but it was worth it. She was worth it. He chose his signature suede flogger, an anal plug, lube and a vibrator with clit stimulator. These should do for now. He carried the items to a small table near her and laid them out with great care.
"Yes, sir?"
"Are you ready to begin?"
"Yes, sir," she replied in a husky whisper.
A tremor ran through him at the tone of her voice. Her arousal scented the air, joining the musky perfume of incense. He tilted back his head and looked up at the ceiling. Brenton closed his eyes. His hands curled into tight fists, his nails digging into the palms as he tried to keep himself in check. Easy, easy, she's not ready for all of me yet, he admonished himself.
"Sir?" she softly asked.
He bit his bottom lip to hold back a groan. His hands trembled. Just the sound of her voice tested the limits of his control. He gazed at her and bit down hard, drawing blood. The metallic taste rushed over his tongue, reminding him for a second that he had to stop himself from reaching out. His gaze moved over her curves, her small high breasts and lush hips. Goddess, I want to fuck her so badly. His cock jumped as he imagined the feel of her tight, wet sheath contracting around him as he pounded into her hard and fast.
A groan escaped and he silently swore.
"Sir, are you okay?" she asked. Worry tinged her tone, which made him melt a little. She had only been with him for three months and already they'd formed a bond that, to him, was unbreakable. He felt as close to her as to his brothers. In his soul he knew she was his fire companion. He would have to wait to tell her though. She had just come out of being bonded to a dragon lord. Sky would want freedom first before settling down again. For now, he'd take this time with her.
"I'm fine, Sky," he lied. Brenton was hanging on by a thread. He hadn't had sex in three months, all because of her. It had shocked him when his brothers pointed out that they hadn't seen him with anyone in quite a while.
Truth was no one else had caught his eye the way Sky had. He couldn't picture himself being with anyone else. Taking another to his bed felt wrong. Brenton hadn't yet told his brothers about Sky. Not yet, this was too new. She was his, all his, and he didn't want to share her with them just yet.
They knew her already, but they didn't know what she meant to him. Part of him hated keeping something like this from them, but he'd shared everything with his siblings all his life. Sky would be only his. He took a steadying breath before proceeding with the session he'd planned especially for her.
"I'm going to start by using an anal plug. You've expressed interest in being taken there. I'm going to help you up. You are to lean over the bench and relax. This may hurt or cause you some discomfort. If you need me to stop, use your safe word." He held his breath and waited for her reply.
"Yes, sir."
"Good." He braced himself to touch her. The dragon had peeked out. Its forked tongue slithered out of its mouth, tasting the air. Brenton's scales rippled underneath his skin, threatening to overtake him. Go away, it's not time yet.
The dragon huffed, silver steam slipping from its long jaw. Soon?

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