Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Red Dog Saloon, Juneau, Alaska

Three Wild Cards, my western paranormal ménage releasing tomorrow, is set in a wild west saloon. I’m a fan of the old Westerns so when I wrote this story, I had a specific saloon in mind.

(Note: I don't know the folks standing in front of the saloon so I blurred their faces)

A few weeks ago, I visited the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau, Alaska. THIS is my saloon! It has the swinging doors, the sawdust-covered floors, the tables which might have been similar to the card tables Cage and Big John played at, and it even had Wyatt Earp’s gun framed above the long polished bar.

I imagined the cowboys drinking and the dancing girls performing. I smelled beer and leather and man, heard the hum of conversation, felt the sawdust under my shoes. I thought of how scared Annie must have been walking into the noisy establishment, knowing her pa had bet and would likely lose her to one of the gamblers sitting at the card table.

It isn’t often that I get to visit the site of one of my stories but I felt I had when I visited the Red Dog Saloon.

Annie's pa loses her in a game of cards, forcing Annie to honor his careless wager by using her body to sexually pleasure the winning male.

Saloon owners Cage and Big John share everything equally, including their winnings. Annie is no exception -- the little human female softens their rough love play and completes their threesome.

By winning Annie, the big bear and wild wolf gain their long-awaited mate. To keep her permanently in their big bed, they must convince their wary female to bet on forever.

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