Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sexy Soundtracks to Your Favorite Fiction

Some authors like to include a soundtrack or playlist with their fiction, which I really enjoy. Music is a huge part of life for many of us, and it's fun to think about what might have been playing either during a scene, or in an author's head to inspire a scene.

Whether it's "You and Me" by Lifehouse, "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones, or "Magic Man" by Heart, chances are there's something sexy that would fit your story. I know that Dave Matthews Band's gorgeous song "Crash Into Me" came to mind when I read Cheryl Dragon's Four Guys and a Witch.

In November, my first Razor's Edge Press book, Nobody Rides for Free, will be released. I can hear "Low Rider" playing as Sinn, a faery worthy of her name, takes a little trip with her three new biker friends. Of course, later in the book, you might replace that song with ELO's "Evil Woman"...

What songs have come to mind when you read your favorite novels? Post a playlist for your favorite Changeling books or create one for a story you're working on.

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