Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shifters and other paranormals

Hey y'all!
I write a lot of shifters. Really. From my Mixed Breeds series back to Mystic U and all, you can see I like wolves, cats, foxes and bears. Lots of fun stuff.
I'm finishing up Mixed Breeds 2 right now, and that one has a bear, a cougar and a wolf. Yum.

But sometimes I like to take a break and write something else. That's where Keeping Score comes in. Book one was about Rhys and Noah, two hunky demon hunters. They rocked my socks, and I hope they will yours, too.

There's one-upmanshhip, teasing, hot sex, and a Cajun grandpa.
Two Down oomes out in November, and it's book 2 of Keeping Score. It's fun. Spanky. Funny. It has a demon hunter and a blind mage. I hope y'all will take a break with me and check out the Keeping Score series!

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