Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Now Available at Amazon.com: 04 September

Now Available at Amazon.com
Dying Room Only by ReneƩ George $4.49
Raven's Crew 2: Sexy Escapes by Ashlynn Monroe $4.49
Blood-Hound 2: Forked by Declan Sands $4.49
Foxy: Last Resort by Cynthia Sax $2.99
Changeling 1¢ Sale
Razor's Edge: Dangerous by Silvia Violet
He's barely in control of the need to shift -- and completely in control of her!
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Two ways to get your books: From your account login, you can choose the "download this book" option to save directly to your computer. You can also choose "email this book to myself" to send your books directly to your ebook reader.
And be sure to stop by the Changeling Bar and Grill this weekend for the next Changeling Flash Fiction Weekend -- 100 word Challenge
(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/changelingpress/). New Theme/scenario to be announced at the start of each new challenge. Loads of fun, free reads, and readers can play too!

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