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The Saturday Book Diver Interviews Byrne from Dragonfire: Covenant by B.J. McCall

Hello and welcome to the Saturday Book Diver. We're on the way to meet Byrne Tregaron from Dragonfire: Covenant by B.J. McCall.

We've just arrived at Drakken Bay, a picturesque seaside community of humans and dragon shifters. It's a beautiful, sunny afternoon. On my way to Byrne's beach bungalow, I admire the gorgeous ocean view. I can't help noticing the man jogging up the beach. He's wearing shorts and a tank top that exposes his fit, muscular body. His dark hair blows in the salty breeze. When I park outside of Byrne's bungalow, the man approaches. With a smile and a firm handshake, he introduces himself. It's Byrne and his confident, engaging manner puts me at ease right away.

SBD: Byrne, I know you have just a few days before you leave for your final dragon warrior training, so thanks for taking the time to chat. Would you tell us a bit about what cadet training was like?

BT: It was a bitch! I thought I was in shape and ready for anything, but the first week of training kicked my butt. I thought I was an excellent flyer until Commander Aurumon challenged the cadets to one-on-one drills. Got my butt kicked again.

I’ve done maneuvers in the air I never thought possible. I can’t wait for final training with the Fire Mountain warriors. It’s a dream come true. All I’ve ever wanted was to be a dragon warrior.

[It’s hard not to be inspired by this guy’s enthusiasm.]

SBD: I understand you've recently learned that you'll be bonding with your mate for life. In your world, how are mates chosen?

BT: Usually, dragons hook up and if there’s dragonfire, they seek permission to mate. Clan affiliation is very important, but that’s not the way it went down for me. My grandfather signed a covenant with the approval of my parents and the Tregaron council, bonding me with a Hazac. I’ve always done my clan and my family proud, but I was sold for gold and now I’m stuck with a Hazac, for life.

SBD: How are you planning to spend the next few days before you continue training and bond with your mate?

BT:  I’m going to party until I drop. I wish I was celebrating my bonding, but I’m not. Maybe I’ll meet someone who’ll make my last night of freedom unforgettable.

SBD: How would you describe your future mate?

BT: I don’t know her. I don’t even know her name. She’s a Hazac. Enough said.

[I can’t help hoping that when these two finally meet, it will be love at first sight. I hate to think of Byrne spending the rest of his life with someone he doesn’t like.]

SBD: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

BT:  I must sound like a real jerk. I know all Hazacs can’t be bad, but last year a group of Hazacs dragon-napped Karis Nordrath. They thought she was the chosen one, the key to a fortune in gold. My commander rescued Karis. Now she’s his mate.
Some dragons will do anything for gold, including my grandfather. I wanted to choose my life mate. I imagine my future mate feels the same way.

SBD: I hope everything works out for the two of you! Before the interview ends, would you share one of your favorite excerpts from Dragonfire: Covenant?

Byrne scanned the beach, searching for the leggy blonde. Something about her had struck a chord, a deep sensuous chord that had captured his attention. But there was something else that had struck him as he looked at the blonde, an innate awareness of her and a compelling desire to be with her.

He had no explanation for his odd reaction, the immediate and intense dragon-to-dragon attraction, but his warrior training had taught Byrne to trust his instincts.

He had no idea who she was, but he wanted her.

By the time Byrne had extricated himself from the lusty brunette, the intriguing woman in red was gone.

He'd asked a couple sitting on the patio wall if they'd seen her leave and was directed to the stairs leading to the beach. His gaze sweeping the shore in both directions, he'd walked toward the water. Then he'd found her shoes, her slinky red dress and a delicate scrap of silk.

Byrne lifted the silk to his face and breathed in the blonde's scent. A craving unlike anything he'd experienced before fired his blood. Searing heat shot through his loins, causing a deep ache in his balls. Dragon's teeth, he wanted her. He had to have her.

He scanned the water, then lifted his gaze to the sky.

She was out there flying.

Byrne took a deep breath, inhaling the blonde's scent before stuffing the silk into his pants pocket. He stepped out of his flip-flops and stripped off his clothing.

He ran toward the water and leapt into the air, a flash of green signaling his shift from man to dragon. The shifting takeoff technique perfected by his training was now second nature to Byrne.

In seconds, he was high in the sky.

Flapping his broad wings, he flew out to sea. Putting his training to work, Byrne flew in a circular pattern, broadening his search with each orbit. She was out here and he was determined to find her. On the third loop, he caught her scent floating on the breeze and roared in pleasure. He whipped his long tail and headed for his target.

His forced bonding looming over his head, Byrne would not be denied this female, this final pleasure. Her scent calling to him, his alpha dragon was on full alert.

He spotted a flash of dark amber, moonlight glinting off scales. Whipping his tail, he shot high in the sky. As she flew beneath him, Byrne matched his speed to hers.

She was a magnificent dragon, with a graceful neck, strong wingbeats and a long slender tail.

He roared.

Her head jerked up and she missed a wingbeat, slipping into a dive and falling a good twenty feet before catching wind beneath her beautiful wings.

He spewed fire and dropped down next to her. Byrne roared and showered the air with sparks. She didn't roar back.

Byrne raised his head and pumped his wings, gaining altitude. Flying right above her, Byrne slid the tip of his tail along her flank, then along the underside of her tail. The alpha dragon flirtation was blatantly sexual.

Would she fly away or respond in kind?

She did neither. No change of speed or course or touching of tails.

Byrne fell back, rolled onto his back and flew upside down. The maneuver required strength and agility, flying skills he'd honed to precision during his dragon warrior training. He touched the tip of his tail to her chest, slowly sliding his appendage along the underside of her slender body.

Scales trembling with desire, Byrne caressed her underbelly. Her golden scales were slick and smooth. The scale-to-scale contact heating his blood, Byrne rubbed the tip of his tail against her most sensitive opening at the base of her tail. Wet, she slicked his scales.

Wow! Seems like there might be hope for them after all!

The Book Diver Magic is telling me it's time to go, but Byrne's world is someplace I'd like to visit again, maybe to speak to the lucky lady who is about to become his mate.

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