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SPOTLIGHT: Full Moon Heat by Lia Connor

SPOTLIGHT: Full Moon Heat
by Lia Connor

Cover art by Angela Knight
ISBN (13): 978-1-59596-190-7
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Interracial, Ménage, Werewolves, BBW
Series: The Pack
Length: Novella

"...scorching hot -- I would not have been surprised if the pages had combusted in my hands. Full Moon Heat is a keeper!"
-- Susan White, Just Erotic Romance Reviews
"This was an excellent tale of werewolves, it was so creatively written, and it kept your attention. The characters were lovable and funny, the story was fast paced and well described. The sex was spicy hot, and talk about animal magnetism. This is a dynamite read that will have you howling at the moon."
-- Wateena, Coffee Time Romance
BBW. Big, Beautiful, and definitely all Woman. Woman enough for any two men -- and she can’t find even one who won’t disappoint her. Park Ranger Dashika McMartin is tough as nails, and proud of her heritage as both a Black woman and a Native American. She’s looking for a man who can satisfy her, both in bed and out. But so far the men she’s dated have been a big disappointment. How’s she going to find a man when she’s been transferred to the ends of the Earth? For now she’ll have to satisfy herself with dreams -- and her battery operated toys.
Dashika’s dreams are about to crash headlong into a reality she could never have imagined. Her new job takes her on a trek through the wilds of Vermont’s National Forest, where she finds herself stalked -- by wolves? As if the heavens have opened up to drop her secret fantasies in her tent, not one, but two men appear out of nowhere. Before she can make up her mind which one she wants to keep, they transform into wolves and run off again! This reality is beyond belief -- but then so is the sex. There’s no way Dashika going to let her man -- men -- get away. Now it’s her turn to do the stalking!
Publisher’s note: This title was originally released in 2005 and has been reformatted and spotlighted as part of the celebrations for Changeling Press's 5th Birthday.

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.
Ring. Ring.
Some folk loved to load their pocket phones down with music and games. None of that fancy shit for Dashika McMartin, thank you. When Dashika’s cell went off, she wanted to hear a ring. Not the Moonlight Symphony or some such nonsense.
She slapped at the hip pocket of her custom-made ranger’s shorts, fumbling for a tiny piece of plastic that passed for the latest in portable phones. Damn thing was supposed to have coast-to-coast coverage, even though it was about the size of a credit card.
Sliding one nail underneath the flap, she flipped the thing open and snapped it to her ear. “This had better be important. I’m hiking my ass off in the middle of Fucking Nowhere, Vermont. I’m tired, I’m cranky, and if this is Jamal, you better hang up now.”
“Easy, girl,” a whiskey-toned voice said in her ear, surprisingly clear. “It’s Shanda.”
Pulling up short, Dashika relaxed. “About time, too.” Dashika looked around, spotting a boulder broad enough for her rounded ass cheeks. She sat down, sighing with relief. There were bronze undertones where the bright Vermont sun played over her mocha-colored skin, and her features had a proud cast to them. Dashika backed down from nobody and no one; she got that from both sides of her family.“If I’d known you were gonna fuss at me, I wouldn’t have bothered.”
“Knock it off. You found the keys?”
“Behind the fake brick, yeah. I’m in your apartment now. I just want to be sure. Anything looks like it belongs to Jamal goes in the trash, right?”
“Anything and everything.” She wiped the sweat from her forehead with one rounded arm. “Make sure you get all his damn toys.”
“Yeah.” Shanda cleared her throat. “You told me stories and all, but I didn’t realize he was that kinky. You know?”
“You shoulda seen him in action.”Dashika heard a muted clanking of metal on the other end. “Sheeka? I don’t think I want to.”
“Damn straight. Big ol’ man like him, wantin’ to play the ninety-pound weakling. First time I saw him in that club, I thought I’d found me a winner. You did too, remember?”
“Don’t blame this one on me. Professional football player, with a body like his? How was I supposed to know?” Shanda clucked her tongue. “Good God, girlfriend. Is this a harness?”
“You haven’t found the leashes yet?”
“Holy shit.”
Dashika laughed. “First date, we had dinner, had fun. Went back to his place, had some more fun. Then he pulled out the handcuffs. I thought what the hell? Then before I know it, we’re playin’ games with cages on his cock, and I’m spankin’ his ass, askin’ ‘Who’s your Momma?’” She rolled her eyes. “He wasn’t even hung. Built like a brick house, but all he had was a teensy little doorknocker.”
“Is this a butt plug?”
“Does it have a whip tail?”
“I think so.”
“It’s a butt plug.”
“Oh, shit! I touched it!”
Dashika burst into laughter. “Calm down. I always washed everything in alcohol.”
“I’m still goin’ to go boil my hands. Then I’m findin’ some rubber gloves to do the rest of this room. Call you back in a few, OK?”
“Sure thing, Shanda.” Dashika clicked the phone off and slid it back into her hiking shorts. Got to be careful of the battery. Even an extended life battery wouldn’t last forever. Then she hauled out a good, sturdy hankie. “Who’da thought the weather could be this hot in Vermont? Ain’t the air supposed to be cool up here?” She wiped her forehead. They’d promised a high in the sixties, the liars.
Dashika twisted around, staring. Was that a wolf? Here? There weren’t supposed to be any wolves left in Vermont! “Hello?” she called suspiciously. “Is someone playing jokes?”
Yip. Yip yip yip, came the response.
She heard a rustling in the underbrush.There was some kind of wild animal out there. Wasn’t that all she needed? She’d better make tracks, get herself to some safe ground. She re-shouldered her pack and headed back up the trail.
She still had a way to go if she was going to reach the rendezvous point before sunset. A national forest service ranger for over ten years, she wasn’t dumb enough to go tramping around alone after dark in unfamiliar territory, even on a trail.
They hadn’t exactly made her feel welcome when she reached the ranger station. Oh, no. Bad enough she was Black, and part Native. Worse, she was a woman -- and a BBW to boot. She’d stood there, temper rising, as the park superintendent called to make sure they’d sent the right ranger.
Asshole, she thought sourly. Him and the rest of the ranger station full of blond, apple-cheeked boys with pretty muscles and tanned legs who looked at her with a mix of everything from Oh my God to Hello, baby. She’d taken one glance at each one’s crotch in their tight-fitting shorts. None of them deserved a second look.
Thing was, only a real man could satisfy Dashika. Damned if she’d ever found one. She wasn’t loose, but she’d tried her share. She’d never found a man she could respect in and out of bed. In all honesty, she’d found toys were a damn sight more reliable. She’d packed Big Bubba in her knapsack. If she ended up camping alone, he was coming out to play.
That is, if there wasn’t some damned wolf on her heels. Or worse. She shivered. This was the kind of thing Rangers warned tourists about. People’s illegal pets got loose, hit the woods, and bam!
This was one of the times she could do with a man around, in bed or not.
She shook her head. By now she’d probably left whatever it was far behind. BBW or not, she could keep up a pretty good pace. Calm down, Sheeka. Don’t freak yourself out. Haven’t heard any more noises anyway. Think about something more pleasant. Like men.
Maybe she’d find the right guy up here in Vermont. Maybe. Black, white, red, purple, she didn’t care. Just so long as he was well equipped, knew how to make a woman feel special, and didn’t cheat on her. A cute face was a bonus. Hands, she liked big strong hands, too. No beer guts, no comb-overs. Otherwise, she wasn’t picky. She just wanted someone who’d treat her with love and respect and fuck her half-blind. Was that too much to ask?
Rustle-rustle. Rustle-rustle-rustle.
Damned if there wasn’t something tracking her in the bushes! Dashika stopped, staring at the brush, but she couldn’t make out a thing. Close enough to be heard, but still out of sight. Smart, too. Wily. Knew what it wanted for lunch -- a big, beautiful black woman. She shivered. OK, even if the thing wasn’t gonna attack, and odds were good it wouldn’t, she didn’t like this. Not one bit.

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