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Yummy Love: Coconut Cream Pie by Kate Hill

Yummy Love: Coconut Cream Pie
by Kate Hill

Cover art by Karen Fox
ISBN (13): 978-1-60521-085-8
Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Shapeshifters, Gay and Lesbian
Series: Yummy Love
Length: Novella


Antjuan, a magical dancer with the power to summon snakes, is having a bad week. First he and his roommate Dylan are robbed. Next his rich and pretentious arch rival in the upcoming dance contest shows up at his dilapidated studio to gloat. Then he’s shot with a near fatal dose of compulsion dust while protecting a friend who’s involved in the dangerous magical underworld of Grimton City.
To recover from the attack, Antjuan travels to the Wicked Wild where he can relax in the fresh air. Bad luck seems to follow him because while swimming in Hot River, he is nearly drowned by enchanted reeds. Fortunately Seth, a gorgeous snake shifter, comes to his rescue.
According to legend, the sexual magnetism of snake shifters rivals that of vampires, and the lust that ignites between Antjuan and Seth proves it. When Antjuan incorporates Seth into his act, they give snake dancing a whole new image. But will it be enough for them to win the dance contest and prove to the magical community that snake shifters aren’t as evil as people believe?


This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Antjuan strode naked through the jungle. His feet moved silently on the dirt and he pushed aside the silvery-green reeds hanging thick from the tree branches. They grabbed at his arms, legs and neck and his heart beat faster. The almost unbearable humidity made breathing difficult. Sweat beaded on his flesh, trickled down his ribs and back.
He felt another presence behind him and though he couldn’t see who it was, he knew it was someone he cared about, someone who aroused him like no one ever had before.
The unseen man tore the reeds from Antjuan, freeing him from their grasp. Then his arms slid around Antjuan. He caressed the dancer’s chest. The roughness of his palms stirred his passion. Cool, firm lips nuzzled Antjuan’s neck. They warmed against his heated flesh. His mystery lover’s entire body had felt cool at first, but now pressed so close to Antjuan, he heated up. His cock stiffened, pressing against Antjuan’s ass and the dancer’s cock hardened in response.
His heart pounding, Antjuan leaned back, loving the sensation of the mystery man’s hard, supple body. He felt the warm, wet flicker of his lover’s tongue trailing along the side of his neck and down his shoulder.
Antjuan had always been strong and athletic, the sort of man who fought when necessary. His friends considered him the sort of person they could turn to when they needed support and he was always happy to help. Yet part of him craved to be overpowered and cared for. Something told him the man who now kissed and caressed him was the man he’d dreamed of -- one who matched him in strength, who could dominate him at times and submit to him at others. They knew each other’s deepest desires and didn’t hesitate to fulfill them.
His lover’s nails gently raked over Antjuan’s chest and stomach, then a hand curled around his cock and stroked with the perfect pressure and rhythm. His erection swelled and ached, desperate for release.
Closing his eyes, Antjuan panted, his body aflame. He placed a hand over his lover’s sinewy forearm, feeling the muscles flex as he continued pumping Antjuan’s shaft.
Just when he was on the verge of exploding, the man released his cock and pushed him toward a thick tree. Bracing his hands against it, Antjuan bent his head forward and thrust his ass toward his partner. His entire body tense with anticipation, he waited. His lover caressed his shoulders and arms, then ran his tongue down the length of his spine. It flicked along the indentation of his ass and Antjuan drew a sharp breath. It wouldn’t be much longer before he came.
Then the man’s body pressed close to his. The tip of his cock pushed against Antjuan’s ass and he filled him slowly, giving him time to adjust to his thickness.
“Oh yeah,” Antjuan breathed, his fingers biting into the tree trunk. He gasped as his lover thrust into him and reached around with one hand to once again pump his shaft.
Antjuan pressed his face against the tree, feeling the roughness of the bark. His lover’s breath teased his ear as the man spoke in incoherent whispers.
Hovering on the brink of orgasm, Antjuan moaned and writhed.
“Wake up. Hey!” Dylan shook his shoulder and Antjuan opened his eyes.
His body still tense from the erotic dream, it took him a moment to focus. When he finally did, he straightened his neck and grimaced at the stiffness in it. He rubbed it and groaned.
“Damn,” Antjuan muttered, glancing around. “I slept in the kitchen?”
“More like you were hit by compulsion dust. So was I.”
When made by a skilled magical practitioner, compulsion dust could force others to bend to the will of the one who created it. Usually it put people to sleep, but it could be used for sex, to inspire fear or other emotions.
Compulsion dust was the only logical explanation for Antjuan falling asleep in an uncomfortable kitchen chair and having the most weirdly erotic dream of his life.
“And the money from the fundraiser is gone,” Dylan said, his amber eyes flashing with rage.
“What?” Antjuan jumped to his feet, the lingering effects of the compulsion dust fading. Fury almost overcame him as well. Someone had stolen from them, but being manipulated by compulsion dust was nearly as bad, at least to Antjuan. He’d had enough problems in his past due to evil magic used by the pimps he’d encountered as a youth in Grimton City.
His fists tightened and he clenched his teeth so hard his jaws ached. For a moment his head spun.
Dylan, in spite of his own shock and anger, noticed Antjuan’s distress and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Are you all right?”
“Yeah,” Antjuan said, releasing his pent-up breath. “Well, no, but I can handle it. We have bigger problems right now.”
“Can’t argue. Without that money we can forget our plans for the soup kitchen. Shit!” Dylan curled his lip and slammed his fist into his palm.
“Wait a minute,” Antjuan said. “That money is gone but we still have the contest at the end of the month.”
“If you win, that money is for your studio.”
“When I win, it’ll be mine to do whatever I want and I want to put it into the shelter.”
“Antjuan, I can’t --”
“When I was out on the street doing shit that could have gotten me killed, you didn’t say ‘Antjuan, I can’t’. You said clean up your act, kid, and I’ll give you a place to stay until you get your life together. That’s what the shelter is. It’s hope for a lot of people like me. People whose magic is misunderstood or misused. It’s more important than renovating my studio. I can do that another time.”
“You’re talking like you’ve already won.”
Cocking an eyebrow, Antjuan said, “You think I won’t? This year I’m going to dance my ass off and I’ll win.”
“I don’t doubt you will.”
“Good. I’m getting that money back for us, Dylan.”
“And you’re going to whip Theo’s ass?” asked the Elf with a knowing look.

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