Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Fw: Xtra Promo/Adult excerpt: Christmas Magic by Anne Kane

Series: Sugarplums
Title: Christmas Magic
ISBN : 8-1-60521-516-7
 Genres: Paranormal, Hot Flashes
Themes: Christmas, Seasonal Themes, Elves, Dragons and Magical Creatures
Release Date:  December 3, 2010
Author: Anne Kane

Tali hopes the Christmas Magic of the Sugarplum Ball is strong enough to get Jax into her bed.


Tali's been secretly lusting after Jax since the spring breakup, but he insists on treating her like a sister. Tonight, all of the adult elves at the North Pole will be at the Sugarplum Ball. It's a night of Christmas Magic and dreams come true, and if Tali doesn't wake up in the morning with a naked hunk of an elf in the bed beside her, it won't be for lack of trying.

She could tell the exact moment he decided to stop fighting their attraction. His eyes darkened to a stormy indigo and his hands slid down to her ass, caressing her super-sensitive flesh through the dubious barrier of her dress.

"You can't say I didn't warn you. I still think you'd be better with one of the younger elves, but it's too late now. You've tempted me just a little too far, so it's going to be me caressing your naked flesh this evening. When you feel the orgasm washing over you, it's my face that will be looking down at you." He ghosted a soft kiss over her lips. "My lips that will cover your mouth when you scream in ecstasy." He nibbled his way across her cheek and his breath feathered warmly across her ear, teasing the pointed tip. "And my cock that is going to stretch your pussy again and again until you beg for mercy." He nipped the lobe of her ear, kissing away the tiny pain almost before she felt it. Dipping his head, he nibbled his way down to the hollow of her throat, and lower.

She realized he intended to claim the tiny lump of Sugarplum candy nestled between the mounds of her breasts, and tilted her head back in triumph. Yes!

His tongue trailed across her delicate skin, leaving a path of liquid heat burning in its wake. Her pussy throbbed in eagerness, cream gathering in anticipation of his cock. She closed her eyes, drowning in the delicious sensations washing through her body. His warm breath teased as his mouth moved lower, dipping into the exposed cleavage, and his tongue swept in to claim the tiny piece of candy.

"I'm supposed to give it to you." She felt she should make a token protest.

"And you did. Very yummy."

"No, you took it."

"You didn't stop me." He smiled then, a sensual flash of white teeth, and a thousand butterflies took flight in Tali's stomach. It was going to happen. It really was. Jax was going to make love to her. He swallowed audibly and licked his lips in a deliberately sensual gesture. "I think we'd better find a more private spot." The smile widened into a sexy grin. "Wouldn't want Santa putting us on the naughty list."

Tali giggled. "Not this close to Christmas."

Jax straightened up and draped an arm around her. The tips of his fingers brushed her cleavage, sending sparks of lust flitting through her. "I believe you mentioned something about the corner suite?"

She looked into his eyes, keenly aware of the crowd of butterflies in her stomach. "Yup. All prepped and ready to go. There's a bottle of champagne on ice and a bowl of imported strawberries to go with it."

"Really." He stroked his fingers across the swell of her breast. "Isn't Davy going to be disappointed? He did escort you to the ball, after all."

"I don't think that's going to be a problem." She looked across the floor to where the mailroom elf had plastered herself against Davy's chest. The silly grin on his face made it clear he was enjoying the attention.

Jax followed her gaze and laughed. "I think I hear that bottle of champagne calling my name."
* * *
Damn!" Tali fumbled with the key. Snowman shaped locks might be cute, but getting the key into the hole while your insides were burning with lust wasn't easy. A loud click sounded when the key finally matched up with the lock, and Jax reached past her to turn the knob.

Pushing the door open, he surprised her by scooping her up in his arms and stepping into the room. "Very nice." He strode over to the window without turning on the lights. "The view is spectacular. I think I'll make love to you right here, with the glow of Christmas Town behind you our only source of light."

"Christmas Magic." She stared into his eyes, and read the truth there. No matter what he said about their ages or their suitability for each other, he wanted her. Desire smoldered in those blue depths with an intensity that left her breathless. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to place a big wet kiss on his warm mouth.

He sank to his knees without loosening his grip, his lips parting as the kiss deepened and their tongues met. Her skin tingled, acutely aware of the touch of his fingers as he laid her down on the thickly carpeted floor and slipped the spaghetti straps of her dress off her shoulders.

His fingers stroked the swell of her breasts, each movement sending waves of sensual heat flooding through her. "I've been watching you for months." He nipped the tender skin on her bottom lip, and she shuddered as a tremor of erotic heat raced down her spine. "I tried to be a gentleman, to leave you to find an elf closer to your own age." His tongue traced a path to the hollow of her throat. "But you didn't take the chance, and now it's too late. Once I make love to you, I don't think I'll be able to let you go."

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