Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Interview with Detective O'Grady, homicide detective and star of Blood Hunter

border-style: solid;border-width: 0pt;I'd like you all to help me welcome Detective O'Grady to TRS.

Me: Thank you for joining us today, Detective O'Grady. Some background, you've been in homicide for almost ten years?
Grady: That's right and before that major crimes. I joined the force right out of school. Been a cop for nearly thirty years.
Me: Wow, that's a long time. Is it all right if I ask a few personal questions?
Grady: Depends on how personal, but go ahead. Ask.

Me: Your name is Pasquale O'Grady? That's a rather unusual name.
Grady: My mother's Italian. She named me for her grandfather. On my dad's side, I'm third generation Irish American cop.

Me: So can I call you Patsy or Patty?
Grady: Not if you want to keep all your teeth.

Me: Oh, is that why you go by Grady?
Grady: Yeah, I'm nobodies patsy and too many Pats in the family already, both men and women. My mother calls me Patsy, that's the Italian nick name but no one else.

Me: Says here you have three kids, two daughters and a son. Divorced for ten years.
Grady: Yup, I warned her before we married I'd never wanted to be anything but a cop. She decided she wanted a husband with a bigger bank account and Sundays off. (he shrugs)

Me: So any girlfriends?
Grady: Depends on your definition of girlfriend. ( snickering) I have a feeling she would smack me for calling her that.

Me: Ah, the vampire, right?
Grady: (snorts) No such thing as vampires. But her brother writes that kind of romance so she helps promote his work by playing the part of badass in black.

Me: So let's pretend for a moment, they really are vampires. Do you consider yourselves a couple?
Grady: It's not like we're dating or anything. We just, ah, spend a lot of quality time together. According to the vampire code, they don't date mortals. We're toys or pets at best.

Me: That sucks, pun intended.
Grady: I couldn't agree more. They call us blood slaves, but frankly, that's kind like calling me Pasty.

Me: Any wanna be vampires missing their fangs?
Grady: (laughing) Not yet. But I did shoot my partner over it. Just scratched her really.

Me: Wow, that must have made her angry. Isn't it dangerous to anger someone so powerful?
Grady: (with a wicked grin) Dangerously sexy.

Me: Care to explain?
Grady: Not really. A gentleman never kisses and tells. (winks suggestively)

Me: Well. OK then. So tell me more about these Blood Hunters.
Grady: Who?

Me: That group your Captain belongs to, the vampire hunters?
Grady: I have no idea what you are talking about. (looks at watch) It's been nice but I need to get going. Bad guys to catch, asses to kick, you know.

Me: (smiling) In a hurry to get back to your master?
Grady: (scowling) I don't have a master. But I do have a partner expecting me. We've got work to do.

Me: Ah, so you're rushing off to meet Detective Jane Smith?
Grady: (gives me the cop stare) Smitty is still my partner.

Me: But that's not who your anxious to see is it, Detective?
Grady: (Stands and gives me a smug smile) I'm not at liberty to discuss that.

Me: Any chance I can get an interview with your other partner, Segrun?
Grady: Not if you want to publish what you write. (laughs)
(Door opens and a tall, leggy blond woman, shorter pale blond woman and the sexiest, bald headed black man ever, enter.)
Grady: Well, maybe you'll get that interview after all. The tall blond is Segrun, the pale one is Eira and the bald guy is Nate.

Me: Oh my. Is he a cover model?
Segrun: (snort) Don't feed his already oversize ego. The man thinks he's God's gift to the universe as it is.

Me: (snicker) Don't you mean God's gift to women?
Eira: (laughs) He's not that picky. If it has a pulse he's interested.
Nate: (in nice southern drawl) Now that's just mean, Eira. I prefer to think of it as not bein' prejudiced. (Takes my hand and kisses the back) And you, darlin' are simply to luscious to ignore.

Me: (I stare into light green eyes surrounded by cafe-au-lait skin) Oh, ah, thank you.
Nate: Now you know this is all just a publicity stunt. No such thing as vampires, darlin'.

Me: (vacantly) No such thing as vampires, no such thing as vampires...
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