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Sugarplums: Kitchen Witch by Dawn Montgomery

Sugarplum: Kitchen Witch

by Dawn Montgomery

Cover art: ReneƩ George

ISBN: 978-1-60521-530-3
Genre(s): Paranormal, Hot Flashes

Theme(s): Magic and Mayhem, Christmas, Seasonal Themes

Series: Sugarplums

Length: Hot Flash


Recruiting for the Kitchen Witch Society has never been so sexy. Krista's got all the eye candy (and magic skill) she could ever hope for in the hard body of amateur chef sensation Chase Hamilton. Now if only she can get him to show her a taste of his handiwork inside the bedroom...

Sugarplum: Kitchen Witch

Dawn Montgomery

All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2010 Dawn Montgomery

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

I'd like to lick the cream off his fingers. Sebastian, king of cats, was sunbathing in a rafter above the cooking exhibition. Her familiar was always interested in food. That's what made them such a good pair.

Krista eyed the broad expanse of Chase Hamilton's chest and licked her lips. The polo stretched enticingly across muscles that bulged nicely with his efficient movements in the studio kitchen. There were other places she wanted to lick. And cream wasn't the only thing on the menu. Her gaze slid down his strong legs and back up to the devilishly charming smile on his face.

Do you think he's what we're looking for? Bastian's amusement slid through the thought-speak.

Krista brushed a stray lock of her bright copper tresses behind her ear. He was definitely what she was looking for. Her magic needed a little sexual tune-up. No doubt tall, dark, and kickass in the kitchen would do nicely for a little holiday treat.

Bastian's chuckle echoed in her thoughts, and she shot a glare up to the rafters. With a gleam of his eyes he disappeared into the shadows. Coward.

It is always better to retreat and fight another day than to suffer a redhead's wrath. My mother was a calico. I know these things.

Chase put the finishing flourishes on his festive dish, and the crowd cheered. She had to admit, the sinful creation was definitely mouthwatering. Krista clapped along with the others and then smoothed a hand over her fitted jacket. It wouldn't do for her to look shabby. She was recruiting, after all.

It was time for a taste test. Time to find out if Chase Hamilton was a good candidate for the Kitchen Witch Society. She reached down into the well of her magic where it settled in her core. A light tap, an invitation, was all she needed. Feral heat uncoiled from deep within. It would turn into a raging inferno before the night was out, no doubt about it. Krista let a sigh slip from her lips at the familiar lustful ache. Christmas time was her biggest recruiting season, and she'd been tapping into her resources way too often. It would be date night with her toys again if Chase wasn't interested. Hell, for all she knew, he was taken.

Magic slipped from her in a soft caress through her skin, lingering, searching. She was a talent scout with passive magic. One touch and she'd know.

Krista made her way to the set. Her radar slid from her, questing for the taste of magic she needed. Her focus was so intent that she didn't notice the drop-dead-gorgeous brunette tilting her head flirtatiously toward Chase until the woman cut her eyes at Krista.

Chase, huh? Already on a first-name basis? This is going to be very fun.

Krista shot venomous thoughts to Sebastian but got only light humor in response.

"I would really like to discuss this. Over dinner perhaps?" Now the woman was touching his bare arm.

Krista clenched her jaw. Chase looked down at her hand on his arm and looked up. "I'm already booked for the rest of the time I'm in town." He pulled away, and Krista's eyebrows rose.

"You do know who I work for, right?" Undeterred, she slid her fingers across his shoulders to tuck under his collar. He gently extracted her fingers from his shirt. Krista couldn't help the smile that touched her lips. This woman wasn't used to being told no. "I know who you work for. I've told your representatives on several occasions that I'm not interested. My date for the evening should be here any moment."

He removed his apron, and Krista's radar went off. Well that was new. She almost always had to touch the person for her magic to react. His head lifted, and Krista was pierced to the soul by the intensity of his expression. Magic was in his soul. He was a candidate, all right. The part of her that did this for a living was smug. The woman part of her was starstruck. Damn it.

The rugged lines of his face entranced her. Perfect for the camera. She dug her fingers into her jacket to keep from reaching out to touch him. Before she knew it, they were close enough to kiss. His lips lifted in a conspiratorial smile. He was obviously looking for a stand-in date. Maybe she could save the day.

I can do this.

She smiled at him. "Sorry I'm late." Her voice was breathless.

Mischief lit his expression, and his charming smile made her knees weak. "You're right on time, as always." He set the apron down and held out his arms. It was the most natural thing to step in and let herself be surrounded by his strength. She breathed deeply, and the scent of spices, warm male, and all the memories of holidays well spent flooded her. Her passive magic was also jumping off the charts.

A soft throb began deep within her. Heat flushed her cheeks, and she was thankful for the coat that covered the peaking of her suddenly hard nipples.

She looked up. And up. He was a lot taller than she'd first thought.

"I've missed you." He gave her the lightest kiss she'd ever felt. Like the brush of wings on her lips. Her mouth opened on a sigh, and he pressed just enough to give her a taste of him. She tasted Chase... and sugar cookies.


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