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Bear With Me by Jade Buchanan

Bear With Me

by Jade Buchanan

Cover art: Bryan Keller

ISBN: 987-1-60521-572-3

Genre(s): Paranormal

Theme(s): Ménage, Shapeshifters, Christmas, Seasonal Themes, Gay and Lesbian

Length: Novella

When pizzly bears Christopher and Robin travel to the Northwest Territories for work, the last thing they expected was to fall for the same man. Luckily, polar bear Theo -- Teddy to his friends -- has plans in mind for both.
Bear With Me

Jade Buchanan

All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2010 Jade Buchanan

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"13C is right up here, sir. Enjoy the flight."

Theo frowned, glancing to the left and the seats facing each other. What the... He'd never been on a plane like this before. It looked like the first twelve rows faced front like normal, but seats 13 A and C were arranged at the front of the plane, facing backward. It reminded him of the setup on a city train.

"Where's the rest of row 13?" he asked.

"At the back, sir. They had to reconfigure the plane because of the washrooms. Half the planes have the washroom at the front and normal seating, but the rest have the washroom at the back which means you get to sit up here instead."

Hmm. Well, could be worse. At least it looked like he'd have more leg room this way. He just hoped whoever was in 1F didn't have long legs.

Slumping into his seat, Theo closed his eyes.

"Shit, don't push!"

"Sorry, it's cold out."

"I know it's cold out. I was just out there with you."

"Okay, seriously. Attitude."

"Oh, here we are. Row one."

Theo cracked open his lids and ended up staring right at the most delectable ass he'd ever seen. A growl slipped out of his throat before he could stop it.

"Oh, hello there." Mr. Nice Ass turned around and presented Theo with an even better view.

Theo grunted. He barely stopped himself from licking his lips, but his mother had tried to instill civilized behavior into him. Some of it must have stuck. He finally dragged his gaze away from the denim package he was eyeing to glance up at the face that went with it.

Huh, that was just as nice.

Mr. Nice Ass was short and compact. His skin was pale, and a shock of curly brown hair capped his head. Hazel eyes gazed down at him from an Elfin face. Thin green metal frames completed the scruffy, innocent intellectual look and nearly made Theo growl again. Besides the jeans, he was kitted out in a thick brown and white sweater. That was definitely a Cowichan design, if he wasn't mistaken. A real one, not the knockoffs he saw everywhere. His aunt had started to make them for his family when she married in, so he recognized the Salish style.

"Looks like we're going to be travel partners today. I'm Chris, Christopher Walls. And you?"

"Are the most handsome thing I've seen in a while. Hi, I'm Rob, Robin McKenzie, at your service."

Glancing over at Robin, Theo had to prevent himself from licking his lips again. Damn. Robin was nice to look at. He appeared a few years older than Christopher, but the extra years had turned what was probably cute when he was younger into just fucking hot now. Theo most definitely liked.

Robin's hair was cropped closer to his head and lacked the corkscrews that Christopher had. Nutty brown eyes stared at him with more than enough heat to de-ice the plane alone. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a creamy grey sweater. As Theo watched, Robin unwound a rainbow striped scarf from around his neck and stuck it into the small bag at his feet before glancing back up with a naughty grin.

"Theodore Kisoun," Theo replied.

"Ohh! Theodore. I like. Can I call you Teddy?" Robin practically bounced in place.


Full lips turned down into a pout. Theo had to firm his own lips to stop himself from smiling.

Christopher finally got himself settled into the seat across from Theo. Their feet brushed against each other, and Theo refused to move them. He wanted to see how the little man would react. If he wasn't mistaken, that was a definite blush covering the pale cheeks. Interesting.

"Where are you headed?" Robin asked, as he took his own seat beside Christopher.


"Really? Us too!" Both boys perked up at that. Theo had a quick thought that he shouldn't call them boys, even inside his head. They weren't young, looking closer to his own thirty-plus years, but there was something about their demeanor that reminded him of young cubs.

"I'm sorry if this is rude, but are you from Inuvik?" Christopher asked in a quiet voice.

"Not rude. I was born there. I'm Inuvialuit, in case you were wondering." They'd have to be stupid not to notice he was Native. It was also pretty natural to wonder if he was originally from the north since he was headed up there now.

"Are you going to visit your family, then? Or do you live there?" Christopher asked.

"No, I live in Calgary, just visiting my mom for her birthday. The entire family is going up so I'll be staying at the MacKenzie Delta to get away from all the noise." What was wrong with him? Why was he being so chatty? This wasn't normal for him, but he couldn't deny there was something about these two that made him want to blurt out his life story. There was something he wasn't quite catching. Maybe once the flight attendant closed the door he'd be able to get a better idea of what was staring him in the face.

"We're at the MacKenzie too. Fancy that." Robin grinned.

"Have you ever been up there?"

"Nope, it's our first time. We're both geologists, and we're going up to meet with our boss who's got us doing a job up there. Then we're coming back in a few days."

"Prepare to be cold."

"Ah, the cold weather doesn't bother us. It's in our blood. Besides, if I get chilly, I'll just crawl into bed with Chris."

Theo glanced over at Christopher in time to see the intriguing blush bloom across his face again. Hmm. He liked that. He also liked the thought of these two in bed together.

Theo pushed up the sleeves of his long tee and crossed his arms over his chest. Both Christopher and Robin instantly stared, mouths agape.

Even better.

Oh, yes. He was going to have fun with these two.

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  1. This book is equal parts cute and scorching hot. I absolutely loved it :)