Tuesday, December 07, 2010

PG Excerpt: Christmas Magic by Anne Kane

Series: Sugarplums
Title: Christmas Magic
ISBN : 8-1-60521-516-7
 Genres: Paranormal, Hot Flashes
Themes: Christmas, Seasonal Themes, Elves, Dragons and Magical Creatures
Release Date:  December 3, 2010
Author: Anne Kane

Tali hopes the Christmas Magic of the Sugarplum Ball is strong enough to get Jax into her bed.


Tali's been secretly lusting after Jax since the spring breakup, but he insists on treating her like a sister. Tonight, all of the adult elves at the North Pole will be at the Sugarplum Ball. It's a night of Christmas Magic and dreams come true, and if Tali doesn't wake up in the morning with a naked hunk of an elf in the bed beside her, it won't be for lack of trying.


Tali nodded, trying to gather her scattered wits. If Jax thought he could give her one dance and then get away after a kiss like that, he was sadly mistaken. She melted into his arms; surely he couldn't miss the way they fit together. Perfectly. As if they'd been made for each other. The feel of his hand resting lightly on her waist sent a delicious tingle through her. He swept her out onto the dance floor, and unlike Davy, he was definitely the one doing the leading.

It may have been the music of the tango or the influence of the Christmas Magic that always managed to make the Sugarplum Ball a spectacular success. They moved flawlessly through the intricate moves, their gazes locked on each other while they dipped and swayed, taunted and retreated.

Tali licked her lips, tilting her chin up in a silent dare, and he responded instantly, pulling her in close and bending her back over his arm. His eyes twinkled with something dark, and he let her rest there, suspended horizontally by his strong arms. Heat roiled in her depths and she let a slow, sexy smile cover her lips.

The music quickened, the Latin beat sensual and insistent. Jax pulled her upright, twirling her away in a graceful arc. As she spun, she realized the crowd had withdrawn to the edge of the dance floor, letting her and Jax have center stage. Santa himself stood at the edge of the crowd, a tolerant smile on his face as Mrs. Claus beamed at her. Davy gave her a discreet thumbs-up from his position on the far side of the buffet table. She caught a brief glimpse of the chubby little elf from the mailroom hanging possessively onto Davy's arm.

Jax pulled her in hard against him, and his breath feathered warmly across her ear. "You are a tempting little minx. You should be careful or you might get more than you can handle."

"I'm tired of being careful. I intend to get what I want this night."

His dark brows arched. "And what would that be?"

She locked her gaze on his. "You."

He didn't answer. His feet flashed across the dance floor in time to the music and he swung her away from him, but she could see the thick bulge in his pants, evidence of his arousal. They followed the sensuous beat of the dance in silence, Tali very much aware of the eyes of the crowd on them.

Jax held her at arm's length, executing a quick turn, and an imp of mischief prompted her to fold herself in under his shoulder, her full breasts pressing against his hard chest. His swift intake of breath let her know he wasn't nearly as indifferent to her as he pretended. "What do you think you're doing?"

Tali smiled sweetly. "The tango. I believe humans use it as a form of foreplay."

Jax's eye narrowed. "We're not lovers."

Yet. Tali left the word unspoken and kicked her leg high to perform one of the many intricate turns and twirls of the dance. Elation swept through her as Jax moved opposite her in perfect harmony. They were made for each other. The music built to a crescendo, the beat accelerating. Tali could feel the tension between them soaring as they danced. His dark eyes flashed with a repressed sensuality that sent flickers of heat racing through her.

 She used all of her wiles to tease him, rubbing her leg along his, moving her hips in a sensuous rhythm, touching him and then backing out of reach. His dark eyes smoldering with lust, he pulled her in close just as the music rose to its final note, and the crowd broke into a thunderous wave of applause.

Dipping his head, Jax seared a kiss across her lips before loosening his grip and turning to acknowledge their audience. They held hands and swept a low bow.

"Quite the performance!" Mrs. Claus bustled out onto the dance floor, clapping enthusiastically. She caught Tali's hands in hers, surprising her with a motherly peck on the cheek. "I just had to congratulate you on bringing the whole party to a halt while we watched our most eligible bachelor try to seduce you in plain sight!" She turned her head to wink at Jax. "I've been waiting for some cute little elf to capture his interest for almost two hundred years now. Don't make it too easy for him."

"I won't." Tali could feel the heat creeping up her neck as the crowd looked on with interest. "Although, I might just give him a chance to impress me tonight. Maybe the magic of the Sugarplum Ball will give him some inspiration."

Mrs. Claus laughed and patted her arm. "Enjoy your night. I have a little romancing of my own to do." She beamed a smile in the direction of Santa Claus.

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