Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Releases: 03 January

New Releases:
Badland Savage: The Fin by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod $4.49
Learning to swim won't help you escape...
Wild Things: Stalked by Jocelyn Michel $3.49
Seeking the Yeti, Cassie finds danger of another kind. Can Andrei save her from malicious vampires?
Red Line Underground: Cyber Scars by Cheryl Dragon $3.99
After enduring extreme torture, implants, and reconditioning, can a man accept freedom and pleasure?
Razor’s Edge: Show Me by Megan Slayer $1.99
She's on display for all the world to see!
And be sure to check out our Changeling's gorgeous new look for 2013!
Congratulations to all our Free Books For A Year Winners!
One book a month:
Julie P -- Santa's Helpers: Epiphany
Dana T -- Santa's Helpers: Drink Me Sweetly
H.L. M -- Santa's Helpers: Zarakion's Tip
Gina G -- Santa's Helpers: Christmas Elves Are Ringing
Lori S -- Santa's Helpers: Snowflake
Two books a month:
Danae F -- Santa's Helpers: Decorating Spirit
Nancy A -- Santa's Helpers: Drink Me Sweetly
Two books a week:
Erika S -- Santa's Helpers: Christmas Elves Are Ringing
Lydia G -- Santa's Helpers: Decorating Spirit
Happy New Year!
Margaret Riley
AKA Shelby Morgen
Spaceport: Backup Plan
Now Available from Changeling Press

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