Friday, January 04, 2013

This Week's Flash Fiction Challenge: Secret Fetish

This Week's Flash Fiction Challenge:
** Your lover(s) of many years wants to spice up your sex life. He/she/they shares a secret fetish, a fetish you would have never guessed in a million years he/she/they had. What is it and what is your reaction? **

- Write a quickie with the above theme
- 100 to 150 words
- Authors and readers can play
- Post at the Changeling Bar and Grill

NOTE: Please put "FF" or "Flash Fiction" (and a title) in your subject line so we don't miss potential plot bunnies.

Join the Changeling Press authors at the Bar & Grill for Flash Fiction, Excerpts and Contests -- weekly Flash Fiction Challenges are open to all Changelings, readers, and writers. Got an idea? Share! When the plot bunnies run amuck, everyone wins!

More Info:
Margaret Riley
AKA Shelby Morgen
Spaceport: Backup PlanOut now! From Changeling Press

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