Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sentimental Sunday

I was just thinking about my very first release with Changeling Press. (You can click here to go see)

It's called the Magic Touch, and it's about a witch named Trinity who summons a demon named Nicholas, and man, zaniness ensues. I have a soft spot for this one. I love the cover, which is super simple but hot, right?

I also love that Trinity was born out of a character I used to game in an original role playing game my high school best friend and I created. It made me happy to give Trinity a life and a backstory, and to put her out there with the lover she desperately needed.

Here's the official blurb, though I have to tell you, I've gotten better at writing those over the years!

Trinity Broussard doesn't believe in magic. Not one little bit, a fact her family finds amazing considering that magic is their livelihood. That lifestyle teeters on the brink of extinction if Trinity doesn't get with the magical program in time for her next birthday. Trinity's aunt Lorelei is at her wits end. All of her attempts to get Trinity to go along with the plan have failed miserably.

Driven to desperate measures, Lorelei makes a last ditch effort to rev up Trinity's magical sensitivity. She calls in an expert. Nicholas Deveraux is a man with a mission, summoned by Lorelei to do her bidding. He's willing, as long as he gets his payoff in the end, and he sets about making magic real for Trinity, any way he has to.

Trinity thinks Nicholas is an arrogant jerk. Nicholas thinks Trinity is an intriguing mix of magical talent and independence. Both of them feel the attraction between them, but neither of them counts on falling for each other, or on how their lives will change when Trinity begins to believe.

Check it out, y'all!


Julia Talbot

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