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The Saturday Book Diver Interviews Theo from Falling for Fall by Sara Jay

Good morning! Welcome to the Saturday Book Diver!

It’s a beautiful day and I’m in a gorgeous woods located in the world of Falling for Fall. Though it’s a warm day, the shade from the trees keeps the area cool. The scent of dirt and vegetation is so refreshing. As lovely and natural as this world is, there’s a hint of magic as well.

As a book diver, normally I’m not surprised by much, but sitting here in a chair of roots conjured right from the ground by the incredible man I’m talking to, I can’t help feeling amazed.

Theo, The Green Man of the Forest, has a devilish spark in his eyes. His russet hair is as wild as the forest itself. He carries the scent of bonfires and although he’s lounging back in his own root chair, his foot taps a bit restlessly and his sexy hands toy with the gnarly arm rests. I can almost feel his energy.

SBD: Good morning, Theo. Thank you for talking to us today. You have an interesting career as a paranormal investigator. How did you get into that?

Theo: Oh, you know how it is. You humans muddle things about and need someone tall, dark and handsome to take care of things for you. (Smirks.) Seriously, though, we have crime in both of our worlds, so whose better to protect you than a forest god?

SBD: I can’t argue with that. What can you tell us about your partner Autumn?

Theo: When we have a case that involves humans, we have to have a human investigator in on it. Autumn is tough and gets the job done. She’s saved my ass plenty of times. Or was she just looking at my ass? You know, I can’t remember. (He smirks again.)

Theo’s flirty sense of humor is infectious. I find myself relaxing in his presence.

SBD: What’s one of Autumn’s sexiest attributes?

Theo: Chestnut hair, glowing amber eyes, squeezable—ah, you know. She’s the whole package. You’d think she’s fae-born, she’s so damn sexy. And she’s all mine. She just doesn’t know it yet.

SBD: What three words do you think Autumn would use to describe you?

Theo: Gorgeous, sexy and irresistible? Maybe in my dreams! (He grudgingly shrugs.) Okay, you got me. She’d probably say incorrigible, insufferable and a horndog!

At least he’s honest, but I can’t help thinking that Autumn probably would describe him with the first three words as well as the last. It’s hard to believe she won’t respond to this guy who obviously admires and desires her.

SBD: Can you tell us anything about the case you and Autumn are working on now, or is that not allowed?

Theo: We’re working on solving a case about human men turning into weird, dragon-like creatures at the altar. I had some suspects in mind, but I think Autumn has a really good lead we’re going to follow.

SBD: Sounds dangerous but exciting! Would you share one of your favorite excerpts from Falling for Fall?

Theo: Sure! Here’s the first page. I could give you the excerpt where I go invisible and seduce Autumn in front of a bunch of people, but I think she might object to that. (He winks.)

Freezing. I’m freezing.

My cold feet bounce left, then right. My tits follow in fashion.

“Locked out, I see.” Theo’s smirk peers out from inside an oak tree. Of course the Green Man would show up while I’m wearing nothing but a Journey t-shirt. Shivering, I cover my ass.

The giant armholes in the shirt dip lower, giving the forest god a peek of my left breast. I clutch my little knapsack over my butt but it doesn’t cover up much.

“I could warm you up, Autumn,” he offers, the crisp scent of the season on his breath as he saunters toward me.

Before I know it, there are leaves in my hair, too. When did he get so close?

“Theo, you’re horrible,” I gasp, half-heartedly shoving at him. His warm brown eyes sparkle at me as they pointedly drop from my gaze to my breasts. Smirking, he bunches my t-shirt behind my back with one hand, stretching it even more tautly against me.

“Why would a capable detective from the St. Louis Paranormal Investigation Unit lock herself out of her own house on this frosty fall morning, mmm?” A laugh rumbles in his chest as his wide, calloused fingers caress my face.

“To tumble in the leaves with a horny forest god?” I ask, jutting out my chest for good measure. He licks his lips as my nipples poke up at him, and I can’t help but grin.

“So it would seem.” Theo’s freckles, which make him look in his twenties rather than thousands of years old, are clear in view as his face nears my own. Early morning sunlight shines off his russet crop of hair, nearly blinding me in a bold display of autumn color. I close my eyes, open my mouth and lean in to meet him.

Lips barely grazing mine, Theo whispers, “But we have more important things to do than tumble in the leaves.”

Sounds like a great adventure!

At that moment, Theo receives a call from Autumn. I wish I could stick around to meet her too, but it sounds like they’re going to be pretty busy, not to mention the Book Diver magic is calling me away. I hope that someday I can revisit this world and maybe talk to Autumn as well. In the meantime, I’d like to find out what happens to her and Theo. If you would to, check out

Falling for Fall

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