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The Saturday Book Diver Interviews Mookyul from Mookyul (Pretty Boy 3) by Ana Raine

Good morning and welcome to the Saturday Book Diver. This morning we’re at an abandoned gym. Light shining through spaces in the boarded-up windows illuminates the spacious room. Remnants of old fight posters still hang on the peeling walls. Heavy bag hooks dangle from the ceiling beams, a reminder that this had once been a place of activity, a training ground for both amateur and professional fighters.

The tall, lean Korean man who stands in front of me is obviously a fighter in his prime. Though he appears calm, energy glistens in his dark eyes. The graceful yet efficient way he moves reveals years of discipline and training.

I glance toward the shadows across the room and notice another man standing there. . .watching.

The fighter is called Mookyul and he wasn’t always a pro, but I’ll get on with the interview so he can tell you his story in his own words.

SBD: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Do you mind if I ask who that man over there is?

Mookyul: My Kumiho, Sae-Min. He didn’t want me to call him master so I call him the Korean word for Fox.

SBD: How did you get your start as a fighter?

Mookyul: After saving Sae-Min from a group of thugs, his dad, the leader of the Seven Star Khangpae took an interest in me. He said he would absolve all my debt and train me as a fighter if I became on of his… “collectors”.

SBD: Is your relationship with Sae-min only professional, or is it personal too?

Mookyul: My relationship with my Kumiho is whatever he wants from me, but personal is the closest word to describe us.

SBD:  What is your favorite training exercise, in the ring and in the bedroom?

Mookyul: In the ring, I like to practice kicks and throwing punches precisely in the spot that will make my opponent falter. In the bedroom, I like to train on my knees in front of my Kumiho until he’s ready for me to train him.

SBD: Would you describe Sae-min in three words?

Mookyul: Sweet, intelligent, intimidating.

SBD: What three words do you think Sae-min would use to describe you, or do you think he’ll consider answering that question himself?

Mookyul: He’ll answer himself.

Sae-Min: Most loyal lover.

SBD: Would you share one of your favorite excerpts from Pretty Boy 3?

Mookyul: Of course…my favorite is when Sae-Min tests my limits in the bedroom. Here’s a brief sneak peak.

Sae-Min released Mookyul as a sad expression flitted over his face. “I don’t like these marks.” Mookyul’s chest rose at the touch of fingers over each raw, fresh star. “Those don’t mark you as mine. I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“Getting you into the Khangpae was all I could think of.”

Sae-Min crawled further onto Mookyul’s lap, positioning his ass in just the right location. “I’m going to say something. Only once, so make sure you burn it into your brain.”

“Yes, Kumiho.”

“You belong to me.” Sae-Min cupped Mookyul’s face in his hands and brought his lips within inches of Mookyul’s. “Not my old man. Not any of the other collectors. You belong to me.”

Mookyul was aware his legs were shaking with excitement. He was so hard he ached all over. He felt like he wouldn’t be able to wait for another opportunity. Sae-Min pushed his tongue into Mookyul’s mouth. The kiss felt possessive and raw, just like his heart. He wanted to belong to Sae-Min only, but the stars on his chest were burning, aching with possession.

“I bet you want to cum again, hmm?” Sae-Min smiled softly. He held up a watch in front of his face. “I wonder if I have time.”

Mookyul held his breath. “Please.”

Sae-Min smiled as he exited the bed and crossed the bedroom to a tall, black wardrobe. The closet creaked opened, and vaguely, Mookyul could see a small leather box lying in the bottom.

“You said I could do anything to you?”

Mookyul made a strangled sound in the back of his throat. His head hurt slightly, but his fighting injuries were better than they had been in a long time. The soft sheets and the beautiful young man in front of him had to be the cure.

“Oh, no, that response won’t do. Hmm, Pet?”

“Yes, my Kumiho. Anything at all… just, please.”

“Because you asked so sweetly, I will oblige.” Sae-Min stood up. Mookyul knew he was holding something but both of his arms were hidden behind his back and he didn’t know what. He shivered.

“Have you ever been penetrated?” Sae-Min asked in a very sweet voice, taking a deliberate step towards the bed. Mookyul stared at the small chain of beads, not knowing what they were called but getting excited all the same. The look on his Kumiho’s face was one of apprehension, as though he was afraid Mookyul might run.

Mookyul shook his head and then for emphasis added, “I will do anything you want.”

Thank you! Unfortunately the Book Diver magic is calling me back to my world. I wish the best for Mookyul and Sae-min.

If you would like to know what happens to this sexy pair, check out

Mookyul (Pretty Boy 3)

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